APPT Auckland: Level 9 updates

October 16, 2009

Live updates from day 2, level 9 (blinds 600-1200, ante 200) of the APPT Auckland Main Event brought to you by Sean Callander and Landon Blackhall from SKYCITY Casino in Auckland, New Zealand. Click refresh to see the latest updates below, while the latest selected chip counts can be found by clicking here.

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Angie Fitzgerald is assured the title of leading female in the APPT Auckland Main Event

2.15pm: Fitzgerald is femme finale

Play has reached eight-handed with less than 90 of the 130 players who started day two remaining. The rate of eliminations has actually increased in the past 30 minutes as the short stacks that survived the opening hour come under attack. Emma Grace, who was Australia’s top-placed female player in the 2009 WSOP Main Event, and Candice Smith have been eliminated leaving New Zealand’s Angie Fitzgerald the last female in the field.

Grace was the first to go after she moved all-in holding pocket queens, but found herself in hot water when Germany’s Jens Walther called her down and showed pocket aces. The board didn’t improve Grace’s hand and she was sent to the rail.

Smith was then busted when she moved all-in for the last of her short stack with A♠ K♦, but New Zealander Wayne Barry made the call, tabling A♥ A♣. There was a slim chance on the flop of Q♥ K♥ 9♣, but the turn and river ran out 8♥ 3♣, thus closing the chapter on the Aussie girls in this tournament.

Meanwhile Fitzgerald is continuing to take it to the boys, scoring a double-up through Michael Shinzake. With the board reading 8♣ 5♥ 3♦ 8♠ 5♠, Shinzake led out for 20,000, which was enough to put Fitzgerald all-in. She made the call and showed K♦ K♣; Shinzake threw his hand into the muck and Fitzgerald is up to 35,000.

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French PokerStars qualifier Gerome Guitteau has closed on the chip leaders

2pm: Guitteau gets going

French Poker Stars Qualifier Gerome Guitteau has closed to within a few-thousand chips of APPT Auckland Main Event chip leader Emad Tahtouh midway through level nine.
With the flop reading Q♥ K♥ 9♦, Guitteau checked to his opponent in late position who moved all in. After about two minutes in tank, Guitteau made a gutsy call, tabling 9♥ 8♥ for bottom pair and a flush draw, but had to sweat it out against the opponent’s A♥ 4♥.
The board ran out 2♣ 10♣ and Guitteau is now up there with Lance Climo and PokerStars Team Australia Pro Emad Tahtouh among the chip leaders in this tournament.

Top five chip counts (approximate)

Emad Tahtouh 180,000
Gerome Guitteau 170,000
Lance Climo 140,000
Michael Shinzaki 110,000
James Ciurlionis 105,000

1.45pm: Shinzake slips as Tahtouh canes Sherwell

Emad Tahtouh continues his dominant display and has eliminated Kane Sherwell after Tahtouh’s A-J was good enough against Sherwell’s A♥ 10♣. His fellow Team PokerStars Australia Pros, Grant Levy, Tony Hachem and Eric Assadourian are keen to show their support for Tahtouh, who is now up to 175,000 in chips.
In contrast, Michael Shinzake has experienced a tough start to the day, slipping to 45,000 after Angie Fitzgerald and French PokerStars Qualifier Olivier Verdue doubled through him.
Fitzgerald moved her last 8800 into the middle on a board reading 7♦ 3♥ A♥ 3♠ and was called by Shinzake, who tabled 7♠ 6♥ but was behind Fitzgerald’s A♣ J♥. The K♥ bricked on the river and Fitzgerald was up to 20,000.
Shinzake would take another big hit the next hand, calling down Verdue’s all-in bet with 8♠ 8♥, but trailled again when his opponent rolled up J♠ J♣. The board ran out 7♣ 7♥ 2♦ K♠ 2♣ and Verdue doubled through.

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Celina Lin’s focus now turns to the Macau Poker Cup at PokerStars Macau after busting out of the APPT Auckland Main Event

1.30pm: Lin’s kings set upon

PokerStars Team Asia Pro Celina Lin has been eliminated from the APPT Auckland Main Event at the hands of German PokerStars Qualifier Jens Walther. Having started the day nursing a short stack of 16,300, Lin finally moved the last of her chips into the middle with pocket kings but was called down by Walther who had pocket eights. The flop of 3-7-9 kept her ahead, but an eight spiked on the turn, giving Walther the set that held up on the river. “They were the first pocket kings I’ve seen all tourney – it’s so sad!” she said.


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