APPT Auckland: No monkey business as things get serious

October 11, 2008

By James Potter and Eliot James

Friend and confidant of the biggest names in poker, Australia’s very own international playboy Tony Hachem, has made it into the poker room on time. From all accounts he fell asleep during a morning massage but has had a shave and a shower and looks ready for action. The PokerStars bloggers bailed up the charismatic poker celebrity and asked him for a few words to send to his legions of fans:

“Buckle up you bananas, Tony Hachem has come to play… that’s guaranteed.”

PokerStars Sponsored player Tony Hachem, bananas for breakfast.

Kiwi pair James “Paddywhack” Honeybone and his protégée Chris Walton arrived wrapped in the New Zealand flags. Both boys are desperate to survive and even though they are short on chips expect a big showing from these aspiring poker giants. Honeybone took a little time to give us his views on the day.

James Honeybone, looking to make some moves today.

“I am feeling fresh, I went for a workout this morning and I feel ready to take on the field. I am on a good table here with Grant (Levy) and Putty (Graeme ‘Kiwi G’ Putt). I have always admired Graeme’s game and it is an honour to play with him. I will be targeting Andrew Scott here on my right, he was a little crazy yesterday and I am ready to capitalize on that sort of play.”

His cheer squad is back again and they are ready to start waving the flags as soon as he can double through.


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