APPT Cebu: Party in paradise

April 27, 2012

It was another perfect night in Cebu. Warm without being too humid, a gentle touch of a breeze with not a cloud in the sky. During the daytime, it’s certainly a treat to be outside in the glorious sun, but it’s the evenings where Cebu really comes alive.

So what better way to enjoy an evening in Cebu last night than at the annual PokerStars qualifiers beach party? It was an evening that was not to be missed and it certainly lived up to the hype, as our sore and sorry heads can attest to this afternoon.

The Shangri-La Mactan resort was again picture perfect as I shed a tear that we are not staying there again this year. We wandered down towards the private beach, and although there were no fire twirlers this time around, we arrived to be greeted by a bevy of beauties issuing our passes for the evening. With wristbands slapped on, we were let loose.


The San Migs were again the beverage of choice as the open bar was thoroughly enjoyed by the several hundred people in attendance. And it wasn’t your typical poker party crowd either. The male to female ratio was certainly well-balanced, which made a nice change, as players took the opportunity to bring along wives, girlfriends and even a few locals that had attached themselves during the week.

After refreshing our thirst we headed straight to the buffet where again we were spoiled by an abundance of calamari, seafood and beef skewers, and some delightful beef parcels wrapped in bacon. Of course, there was also yet another suckling pig. OMG.


We tucked into the food as the Filipino six-piece band played western classics with a flare that was almost a perfect imitation of MTV. Yep, Katy Perry has made it to the Philippines.

Then, as if the evening couldn’t get more perfect, the fireworks display erupted above us to remind us once again that this was indeed paradise.


After several hours of great fun, the bar tab was eventually drained, and the crowd slowly drifted away from the beach. Fortunately for us, the evening didn’t end there. Somehow Dave Behr is going to reconstruct those details for you a little later on from the brain cells that weren’t fatally damaged in last night’s festivities.


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