APPT Cebu: Triple play

April 27, 2012

It’s Day 1c at the 2012 APPT Cebu Main Event. For the players who take their seats today, the experience will be fresh. For the staff and your erstwhile bloggers, we’re already settling into our routines. But even we are having to adapt. A very late appearance at the breakfast buffet this morning by yours truly was rewarded with most of the food already consumed.

Why was I so late? Last night there was a little party at the Shangri-La for the 84 players who qualified for this event on PokerStars and their groupies: wives, girlfriends, hangers-on, even a few locals that the players have befriended since arriving earlier this week. One thing led to another, as it often does, and a large group of us wound up at a street festival celebrating the killing of Magellan in combat in 1521 – just in time for a blackout. More on all that later, once we sort out the publishable and non-publishable details amongst ourselves.

For now, our bleary-eyed selves are chugging water, coffee, Gatorade and other hangover cures of choice as the tournament staff count out stacks of 20,000 in chips for each of the Day 1c starters. It’s a tournament poker maxim that the last flight of a multi-flight tournament is always the largest, and this one is proving to be no exception to the rule. We haven’t started yet but there are already more players registered for Day 1c then there were for Days 1a or 1b.

Their primary goal will be to survive the day. Their secondary goal will be to survive with as many chips as possible. And if there’s a tertiary goal beyond that, I haven’t figured it out. The current overall chip leader, Antonio Martins of Macau, played yesterday on Day 1b. The 119,000 chips he bagged after six levels of play puts him in the pole position.


That’s our schedule again today. Six levels of play, one lechon (that’s a roast suckling pig being served for lunch, if you haven’t been following along the last few days), and shrinking the Day 1c field in half by 7pm. Then the bags will come out again and we’ll see what kind of Friday night mischief we can find in Cebu.


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