APPT Manila: Celina is sleeker on the felt

November 14, 2008

PokerStars Sponsored player Celina Lin is mixing things up today, and is “trying a different style” to find her way to the final table.

A self-described tighter player normally, she’s hoping to mix things up with a more aggressive style as she is more liberal with raises and re-raises. “I’ve been on a roller coaster today Ð started at 10,000 chips, then up to 14,000, then down to 6000, and now back up to around 14,000 chips again,” she said.

Celina Lin is experimenting today.

“I’m experimenting today”, and, as her opponent fold to another re-raise from Celina, she flips over pocket kings. Sometimes, however, she still has the goods, and with her bold and aggressive play putting her opponents to a decision for some of their chips, they’ll keep all the possibilities in the back of their minds.


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