APPT Manila: Huang, drawn and quartered

November 13, 2008

Bryan Huang’s hopes of a record breaking fourth successive APPT cash have ended early in the seventh level of play on day 1A of the APPT Manila main event.

The mild-mannered but fiercely competitive Singaporean fell to a one-two combination when his pocket jacks were overtaken by A-J when an ace landed on the flop, then Huang’s own A-J was overtaken by 9s-10s when a river spade filled his opponent’s flush.

Bryan Huang’s run of APPT cashes is over.

While Huang’s stack has been wiped out, David Saab has reversed his recent downward trend with two big collects. He made an unlikely flush (Qc Qs) on a board of Ac-2s-6c-4c-Jc against Tommy Henstein’s As-Ks, then made what he described as a “sexy call” to take down another nice pot.

The fours are good for David Saab.

Both players checked the flop of 5c-Ah-Ad, then Saab called a bet of 5000 on the turn (Jh). Both players then checked the river (Qd), with Saab’s pocket fours a surprise winner after his opponent showed 10h-9d. Sexy indeed.

Meanwhile across at table nine, Michael ‘Ctrl V’ Chrisanthopoulos just took a stand with his short stack. There were no callers, despite a long deliberation from a suspicious Wally Sombrero. Chrisanthopoulos cheekily showed Kc-6s, which would have trailed both The Dream’s As-3s and the small blind’s A-K.

The dinner bell is about to ring after seven hours of play, and when we return, there will be two more one-hour levels to complete an enthralling day 1A in the APPT Manila main event.


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