APPT Seoul Day 1B: Facts, figures and the all-important money

April 04, 2014

Registration closed around two hours ago on Day 1b of the APPT Seoul Main Event. Considering today was the second and final chance for players to pony up the KRW 3,000,000 buy-in, the final figures are in and we can categorically say that the latest stop on the Asia Pacific Poker Tour is a success.

At the start of the day, APPT President Danny McDonagh said that the numbers for Day 1b were tracking to be similar to Day 1a, but was hopeful that they would surpass them. All in all there were 118 entrants yesterday and the tournament clock ticked past 119 during the first level of Day 1b.

By the time registration was closed on Day 1b, exactly 138 players had hit the tables. This means the total field weighs in at 256 players. That’s a few less than the record, but a big improvement on last year’s field of 222 players.

After all the maths geniuses counted the buy-ins, it was worked out that the total prize pool was ₩685,363,200. Although it looks so much prettier with all those extra numbers, we will tell you that this equates to a little over US$650,000.

The eventual champion will be picking up a large ₩185,000,000 (~$175,565) top prize, while the top 28 will finish in the money. You can find all the payouts below, along with an approximate conversion to dollars of the US kind.

1st: ₩185,000,000 ($175,565)
2nd: ₩116,500,000 ($110,558)
3rd: ₩65,110,000 ($61,789)
4th: ₩49,69,0000 ($47,155)
5th: ₩41,120,000 ($39,022)
6th: ₩32,550,000 ($30,889)
7th: ₩25,700,000 ($24,389)
8th: ₩20,560,000 ($19,511)
9th: ₩15,433,200 ($14,646)
10-12th:₩10,280,000 ($9,755)
13-16th:₩8,570,000 ($8,132)
17-20th: ₩6,860,000 ($6,510)
21-24th: ₩5,485,000 ($5,205)
25-28th: ₩4,800,000 ($4,555)

For those fans of stats, don’t fret, we aren’t going to stop with the numbers game here as we have been given a breakdown of location stats.

The country to be best represented in the APPT Seoul Main Event is Japan with 55 entrants – or 21.5% of the entire field. The next best represented is China with 40 (15.6%), USA with 38 (14.8%), Canada with 19 (7.4%) and Australia with 16 (6.3%). Just over half the field is represented by Japan, China and USA alone.

Overall the tournament began with 30 different nationalities at the felt and so the champion could emerge from an unlikely country like Romania, Lithuana, Sweden, France or Mongolia.

At the moment we are heading into the last couple of levels of the night and around 75 players are alive, including Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier and Raymond Wu.


Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Wu grinding away at APPT Seoul

Although Grospellier has been somewhat short-stack for much of the day, he recently doubled up when he was all in holding preflop holding pocket sixes and hit a set. Grospellier is up to 30,000 and is looking poised to make Day 2.

Be sure to keep your eyes on the live reporting feed at the top of the APPT Seoul page.


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