APPT Seoul Day 1B: Videos say a thousand words

April 04, 2014

While I like to think that I write well enough to paint a vivid picture of APPT Seoul, I probably can’t describe things strongly enough to compete with a video blog.

Basically, the lovely Laura Cornelius is here in Seoul providing video hostess duties and has been out and about in Seoul, around the tournament room and to last night’s player party. It would be a shame to not give these videos all the exposure they deserve!

In the first video, Cornelius goes wandering around Seoul, which she describes as “bustling, huge capital city of South Korea” and a “24-hour playground, energetically modern, yet satisfyingly traditional.”

If you are here for APPT Seoul, or heading to South Korea sometime for a holiday, pay attention, because there is some tourist gold in here. If you doubt you will ever make it to this beautiful country, then live vicariously through Cornelius!

Next up we have Cornelius in the Gangnam district for the APPT Seoul player’s party.

Cornelius caught up with all the Team PokerStars Pros to get a rare glimpse at these professional poker players with their hair down. There’s also some tricks behind the bar, Tom Cruise in “Cocktail” style and plenty more action, so once again live vicariously through Cornelius by checking out the video below.

The final edition in our triple threat of videos sees Cornelius catch up with one of the players here on Day 1b of the APPT Seoul.

We have already spoken about Bertrand Grospellier and his connection to South Korea today, but you can check out what exactly what he has to say in the fun video below.

Hopefully you enjoyed these videos and quite frankly are jealous that you aren’t here in South Korea enjoying APPT Seoul right now.


Poker players having fun at APPT Seoul

At the moment at least 59 players are still alive and well on Day 1b of the APPT Seoul Main Event, so we are sure they are having a good time in Seoul. With less than one level remaining in the night, we are thinking a few of those players will have a change of heart though. After all, not everyone can make Day 2!


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