APPT Seoul Day 2: Late arrival and early elimination for reigning champ

April 05, 2014

“Anyone know what’s happened to Aaron Lim?” APPT Media Coordinator Fred Leung asked the humble bloggers at the adjacent media desk just a few moments after Level 1 of Day 2 had begun.

We looked at each other, hoping one of us had the answer.

“He started the day pretty short stacked,” one of us offered.

“Yeah, he’s down to nine thousand” Leung responded.

Now we were confused. This didn’t seem like news. What was Leung getting at?

“The traffic has been really bad, there are a few players not here yet,” said Assistant Tournament Director Sam Dawson, overhearing our conversation and probably noticing that we were a little confused.

Now we understood that Lim, the defending APPT Seoul champ, hadn’t been eliminated yet. He just hadn’t showed up to play, no big deal.

Well maybe not yet, but as the cards continued to be dealt and more blinds and antes trickled out of his stack, things were looking bleak for Lim.


Aaron Lim’s chip bag is looking lonely

“Lim’s here now,” Dawson let us know.

And there he was, walking perhaps a little quicker than is recommended through a crowded poker room, but nonetheless, he was here and looking eager to hit the tables, if not a little flustered.

From here, the day started strongly for lim. One moment we looked at his stack and it was dwindling well below five-figures and the next minute it was up to 25,000.

Things were looking up, so maybe it was a good thing he came late after all.

But then things went just about as downhill as they could in a poker tournament as Lim was eliminated when he got all his chips in preflop holding ace-six and couldn’t improve against David Martirosyan with ace-ten.

And so, just like that, we can 100% guarantee that there will not be a back-to-back repeat APPT Seoul champion this year. In fact, with no past champions in the field, we can categorically say that there will be a new victor!


Aaron Lim will have to be content with one APPT Seoul title

Maybe that new victor will be Masato Yokosawa, but first he will have to arrive. Yokosawa, like Lim, seemingly ran into some traffic problems and his stack is losing chips by the minute. At the moment, Yokosawa still isn’t here 15 minutes into the second level of the day.

Luckily for Yokosawa, he started Day 2 with one of the largest stacks in the room, so for now he can handle blinding out. However, we wouldn’t recommend employing the “not showing up on time” strategy very often.


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