APPT Seoul Day 3: Then there were nine

April 06, 2014

It took around six hours to get here, but the APPT Seoul final table is now set!
The day began with 24 players in contention for the title and the ₩185,000,000 (~US$175,000) top prize and now we are down to the final nine.

Leading the way with 1,294,000 in chips is the USA’s Sam Cohen. That stacks put her quite a long way ahead of fellow North Americans Christian Haggart (779,000) and John Marshall (739,000), while prominent high-stakes regular Winfred Yu (512,000) has the fourth largest stack.


This could be Sam Cohen’s breakout tournament victory

Somewhat unsurprisingly, the best represented country at the final table is Japan with four players. These players happen to be sitting behind four of the five lowest chip stacks, with Keiichiro Umano (396,000) in the best shape, followed by Shinya Umano (389,000), Makoto Yoshimichi (371,000) and the short stack of the final nine Kosaku Akashi (209,000).

Perhaps the story of the entire tournament is Chane Kampanatsanyakorn. He finished runner-up to Aaron Lim in this event last year and is now here trying to go one better and win the title. Making the final table in back-to-back years is a huge achievement by the player from Thailand in itself, but it will obviously be a massive story if he manages to win APPT Seoul this time around.


Could Chane Kampanatsanyakorn go one better?

The player to get the closest to making the final nine, but ultimately found the rail in 10th place, was overnight chip leader Jeff Holbrook. It just wasn’t Holbrook’s day as he started to find himself short-stacked before getting all his chips in preflop holding 10♠10♣ against Cohen’s A♠K♦. The board ran out 4♣2♥J♦A♥6♥ and Holdbrook was sent to the rail with a ₩10,280,000 prize.

So, without further delay, I give you… the final table!

Seat 1: Kosaku Akashi (Japan) – 209,000
Seat 2: Winfred Yu (Hong Kong) – 512,000
Seat 3: Makoto Yoshimichi (Japan) – 371,000
Seat 4: Christian Haggart (Canada) – 779,000
Seat 5: Shinya Umano (Japan) – 389,000
Seat 6: Keiichiro Sugimoto (Japan) – 396,000
Seat 7: Sam Cohen (United States) – 1,294,000
Seat 8: John Marshall (United States) – 739,000
Seat 9: Chane Kampanatsanyakorn (Thailand) – 323,000

The players are currently on a 30-minute dinner break before the action at the final table kicks off. As per the 40 big blind final table guarantee employed on the APPT, the clock has been wound back around two levels to 8,000/16,000.

Stay tuned to all the live updates on the APPT8 Seoul page and find out who becomes the champion and how they manage to do so!


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