APPT Seoul: Wong’s missing chips

March 11, 2012

When APPT President Danny McDonagh made the official introductions at the final table, he announced Seat 7 as Ken Wong “with 527,000 chips.” A surprised Wong looked down at a much shorter stack of only 115,000.

“Where’d my chips go?” he asked in mock surprise.

“Must be a misprint,” said McDonagh. “Just let me know when you get to 527,000.”

Unfortunately for Wong he never made it that high. He doubled up on the first hand of the final table to climb about 230,000 but after that it his final table was nothing but a slow bleed. With time running out on Level 21, he three-bet shoved 9♠9♦ over the top of an open-raise by Vincent Rubianes to 35,000. Rubianes called with A♥Q♥.

The dealer, one of those models of ruthless efficiency that my blogging partner Heath Chick described earlier today, didn’t let Wong twist in the wind. He barely had time to celebrate a safe flop of 7♠J♦4♥ before the dealer fired out running queens, Q♣ and Q♦, on the turn and river. Those queens gave Rubianes trips, the pot and the elimination of Wong.

Wong’s had a good start to 2012. This is his second final table of the year. He finished runner-up in the Aussie Millions Main Event for AUD 1,000,000. He’ll get a significant payout here in Seoul too, although KRW 15,889,600 won’t go quite as far as a million Aussie dollars do.



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