APPT Sydney 2007: Rahme eliminated with aces

December 12, 2007

By Sean Callander

Australia and South Africa have always been great sporting rivals – whether cricket, rugby, tiddlywinks – you name it, the Aussie and the Springboks will fight for it on a sporting field.

We’ve just seen the latest manifestation of this rivalry in the APPT Grand Final with the combatants Team PokerStars pro Raymond Rahme and Australia’s Grant Levy.

On a flop of Js 7d Qs, Rahme bet 3500 and Levy raised to 10,000. Rahme thought, then re-raised to 40,000. Levy instantly announced all-in and Rahme called for all but 1000.

Rahme showed Ah As but was way behind Levy’s set of queens. A turn of Qh and river 3d didn’t ease the pain for Rahme, who was almost down to the felt while Levy shot up to the chip lead with more than 200,000. Rahme has since been eliminated for his last chip.

Grant Levy
Current Chip Leader Grant Levy

Levy was third in the recent PokerNews Cup (winning $A131,800) and is well placed to take a big stack into day two of this event.

Approximate chip count (day 1, flight 1)

  • Grant Levy 210,000
  • Terrence Chan 176,000
  • George Dunst 160,000
  • Karin Karin 120,000
  • Ziv Bachar 101,000

There are currently 7 tables remaining and the current prizepool for the tournament is $3.3 Million.


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