APPT Sydney Day 4: Levels 21 & 22 (12000-24000, ante 3000)

December 12, 2010

4:25pm: Double for Peco!

Peco Stojanovski has found a big double up as Jonathan Karamalikis has taken his first major hit of this final table.

Karamalikis started things off with a standard raise before Stojanovski three-bet to 200,000 in the big blind. Karamalikis moved all in and Stojanovski made the call with Q♦Q♣ to be racing with Karamalikis’ A♣K♥.

The board bricked out 3♦10♥10♠2♣4♠ to give Stojanovski the double up to 990,000 with Karamalikis down to 2.188 million.
Heath Chick

4:15pm: More for Karamalikis

Jonathan Karamalikis continued to flex his muscle with a raise from early position to 50,000 with the short-stacked Manuel Hansimikali making the call in the big blind.

The flop landed K♥10♣J♣ and Hansimikali check-called for 60,000 before both players checked the 10♦ turn. The river was a dangerous looking Q♣ and again both players checked.

Hansimikali showed queen-eight but it wasn’t enough as Karamalikis took the pot with [qj]J♠. Karamalikis increases his empire to 2.9 million chips.

4:05pm: Roland de Wolfe eliminated in 8th place

Roland de Wolfe was in a bad way at the first break of the day and was quick to get his chips in the middle as soon as play resumed, but he’s just been eliminated by Aussie online phenom Jonathan Karamalikis who is now up to 2.834 million.


De Wolfe has been de-throned

The action folded around to de Wolfe who raised all-in for 374,000 from the small blind with A♠9♦, but Karamalikis woke up with A♦Q♠ from the big blind. The dealer spread the board of 4♦J♦Q♣3♠2♠ and de Wolfe quickly headed up to the cage to collect $50,285. If the Barmy Army are reading this, be sure to hit de Wolfe up for the first round of beers at the WACA!

4:00pm: Play resumes

3:50pm: 10-minute break

3:45pm: De Wolfe needs a break

A hand that went into the break has seen Antoine Amourette take a huge chunk out of Roland de Wolfe to put him on the short stack.

Roland de Wolfe opened with a raise to 52,000 with Amourette making the call in the big blind. The flop came down 7♦J♣2♠ and Amourette check-called for 100,000 before the K♥ hit the turn.

Amourette checked again and de Wolfe fired another 165,000, but Amourette responded by check-raising all in. De Wolfe quickly gave it up to slip to 374,000 with Amourette now up to 1.6 million.

3:30pm: Karamalikis rockets ahead

After a raise from chip leader Jonathan Karamalikis from early position, Peco Stojanovski three-bet to 120,000 on the button. Karamalikis called and the flop landed 4♥3♥9♠.

Karamalikis checked to Stojanovski who bet 200,000 and Karamalikis called as the 5♦ hit the turn. The two exchanged some friendly banter as Stojanovski quipped, “Do what you gotta do…I’m going nowhere!”

Karamlikis took this as a sign to bet 160,000 and Stojanovski quickly called as the dangerous looking 6♦ hit the river. With four to a straight on board, both players checked it down.

Karamalikis is on the rise!

Stojanovski showed J♥J♣ but Karamalikis flipped A♦A♥ to take down the million-chip pot. Karamalikis is now up to 2.53 million with Stojanovski back down to 607,000.

3:20pm: Dong flying high

Jonathan Karamalikis raised it up to 55,000 from the cutoff and found callers from Roland de Wolfe and Eddy Sabat in the blinds. The flop came down J♠4♠9♦ and all three players checked. The turn was the 5♦ and de Wolfe led out for 100,000 to force a fold from Sabat but Karamalikis called as the 5♣ completed the board on the river.

De Wolfe fired another bullet worth 125,000 but Karamalikis quickly splashed the pot with a call. “You got it,” sighed de Wolfe as he showed Q♥10♥ for a busted straight draw as Karamalikis’ new favourite hand – J♥7♥ – was good to take it down. Karamalikis is now up to 1.95 million with de Wolfe down to 685,000.

3:15pm: Level up, blinds 12,000-24,000, ante 3,000

3:10pm Karamalikis cracks Amourette’s kings!

The gallery in the Star City Casino Sports Theatre are starting to get loud as they watch both the UFC on the big screens as well as some huge action between Jonathan Karamalikis and French PokerStars Qualifier Antoine Amourette.

Amourette raised to 55,000 before the flop from the small blind and Karamalikis called from the big blind to go heads-up to a flop of 8♣J♥7♥. Amourette led out for 66,000 and Karamalikis raised to 145,000 before Amourette snap-shoved for 2.194 million!

Karamalikis snap-called all-in, tabling J♣7♣ for two pair, ahead of Amourette’s K♥K♦. The turn of the Q♠ was of no help to either player and the river 7♠ gave Karamalikis a full house and a double-up to 1.606 million and the chip lead. Amourette is down to 1.454 million.

2:55pm: Bet and it shall come

Antoine Amourette opened with a raise to 45,000 on the button with Jonathan Karamalikis and Ben McLean making the call in the blinds to see a flop of 8♦7♣9♠.

Karamalikis checked and McLean fired a bet of 56,000 from the big blind. It didn’t shake anyone as both opponents called to see the K♣ turn card. Karamalikis checked and McLean released a second barrel worth 78,000. It was a small bet into a 300k pot but it was enough to remove Amourette from the equation. Karamalikis called again as the 8♣ paired the board on the river. Both players checked it down and McLean showed K♦J♥ for a turned pair of kings to collect the pot as Karamalikis mucked.

Karamalikis slips to 809,000 with McLean up to 1.19 million.

2:40pm: Sabat chips up

2008 APPT Macau Main Event champion Eddy Sabat took down his first pot to move up to 951,000 as the action continues in the APPT Grand Final here in Sydney.

It was a three-way limped pot into a flop of Q♥Q♣J♦; Peco Stojanovski checked from the small blind, as did Tom Rafferty from the big blind before Sabat led out for 26,000. Stojanovski and Rafferty called before the turn of the 5♥. Rafferty and Sabat checked before the dealer produced the river of the 10♥.

Rafferty checked, but was quick to muck after Sabat fired out 70,000. Rafferty is now down to 889,000 in chips.

2:30pm: Daniel Negreanu eliminated in 9th place

Roland de Wolfe limped into the pot with Daniel Negreanu completing in the small blind and Antoine Amourette checking his option in the big blind to see a flop of 3♣10♥6♥.

Negreanu liked what he saw and moved all in for 246,000. Amourette folded but de Wolfe snap-called and tabled 3♥3♦ to leave Negreanu in a world of hurt with his Q♦10♠.

That’s a “rap” for Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu

Negreanu would need a lot of help and the 10♦ have him some hope but the 7♠ bricked the river to see the Team PokerStars Pro as our first elimination of the day in 9th place for AU$36,415. Not bad for a holiday to see a few concerts!

2:25pm: Stojanovski’s slow raise doesn’t work

Sydneysiders Peco Stojanovski and Tom Rafferty clashed in a rather melodramatic pot, but Stojanovski couldn’t pull the wool over Rafferty’s eyes and as a result has dropped to 1.117 million.

The action folded around to Peco Stojanovski who raised to 46,000 from the small blind before Tom Rafferty called from the big blind to go heads-up to a flop of 5♥8♣6♣. Stojanovski check-called Rafferty’s bet of 71,000 before they both checked the turn of the A♣.

On the river of the A♠, Stojanovski checked, Rafferty led out for 125,000 and Stojanovski went deep into the tank before coming in with a check-raise to 350,000. Rafferty, who had remained stoic for the entire hand, threw his hands up in disbelief. He eventually called and Stojanovski sheepishly rolled up 7♦5♣ against Rafferty’s Q♠Q♦!

Rafferty’s hero call reaped the rewards and he’s now up to 1.04 million in chips.

2:15pm: AA cracks AA

PokerStars qualifier Antoine Amourette is our new chip leader after a huge clash with Roland de Wolfe. It was one of the first hands to see a flop on this final table, after Amourette had raised and then called a three-bet from de Wolfe out of the big blind, the two took a flop of K♣6♥8♦.

De Wolfe led out with a bet of 140,000 and Amourette was quick to call to see the 7♣ hit the turn. De Wolfe thought for a long time before checking it over to Amourette who slid 210,000 into the middle. De Wolfe made a quick call and the 6♠ paired the board on the river. De Wolfe checked it over to the Frenchman who cut down his chips and moved 331,000 into the middle. De Wolfe instantly called and opened A♥A♣ but Amourette had caught good on the turn with his 7♥7♠ turning a set to crack the rockets!

A huge swing in chips sees Amourette up to 2.515 million with De Wolfe slipping to 814,000.

2:05pm: Negreanu announces his intentions

Well, it didn’t take long for Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu to announce his intentions on this final table. On the very first hand of play, Negreanu moved his short stack all in. The table folded around and Negreanu picked up the blinds and antes.

Negreanu was very relieved to see that himself and travelling buddy Eddy Sabat both made the final table. Originally scheduled to fly out of the country today, the boys have had to change their flights and extend their stay, much to the delight of their crew who will be cheering loudly on the rail this afternoon.

2:00pm: No mucking about, let’s do this thing!

A huge crowd greeted the final nine players of the APPT Grand Final and they’re just as keen to see them in action as they are playing in the APPT Sydney teams event. The Star City Casino Sports Theatre is almost at capacity as a result and it comes as no surprise, given the final table line-up.

The clock has been wound back to the start of the 10,000/20,000, ante 2000 and tournament director Jason Wicks introduced the players before quickly giving the order to shuffle up and deal. Ladies and gentlemen, we are underway!

Live updates brought to you courtesy of Landon Blackhall and Heath “TassieDevil” Chick


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