APPT Sydney: Manila champ out

December 13, 2007 APPT Manila winner Brett Parise and American 83-year-old Sam Silk have found the later levels too hard on their stack, and have been eliminated.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, Henrik Gwinner is only getting stronger, with almost 300k after eliminating another player, this time catching his gutshot straight on the turn with Q J offsuit against his opponent’s set of 6’s on the flop.

Elsewhere, Gary Diamond went to over 200k in chips as he woke up with aces against an all-in player with pocket 7s. His aces held.

Team PokerStars Pro Lee Nelson and Scotty Nguyen are consolidating their position with 80k and 130k respectively.

With the blinds at 800/1600 and only one level to follow, the field is beginning to fall away with 54 runners remaining.


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