APPT10 Manila: Jessie Leonardez commands the final nine

August 07, 2016

The penultimate day of this APPT Manila Main Event is officially a wrap. 39 entered but now only nine remain with our final table all set for tomorrow’s exciting conclusion.

At the beginning of play the role of chip leader was shared between Alex Lee and Seongsu Kong but one fared better than the other here on Day 3. In fact, it was Kong who ended up knocking Lee out only a few shy of the final table.

Lee moved all in on a flop of 9♣9♥8♦ with 8♠6♦ but ran into the 10♠10♣ of Kong, who held to send Lee packing. Kong will start tomorrow 4th in chips with 990,000.

manila appt Seongsu Kong.jpg

Seongsu Kong

Leading the way into tomorrow will be last season’s APPT Manila 3rd place finisher Jessie Leonarez. He rampaged his way to the top in the early stages of play and refused to relinquish the title of chip leader throughout. In the final level of the night he extended that chip lead even further with a huge bluff against Kong.

The hand saw Kong bring it in for a raise before Leonarez defended his big blind and the flop fell K♦8♦5♦. Kong fired for 120,000 but Leonarez raised it to 250,000. Kong called and the 10♥ turn arrived. Leonarez quickly bet 500,000 which was met by an even quicker call before the 10♣ completed the board. Leonarez made it 650,000 on the river which was around two thirds of Kong’s stack. The latter tanked for several minutes but ultimately gave it up.

Leonarez added salt to the wound by tabling 6♥3♥ for absolutely nothing. It was plays like that one that brought Leonarez to this spot in the tournament and he’ll return tomorrow with more than double the chips of his closest rival. We’ll see if Leonarez can finish on his 3rd place finish from last year!

manila appt ft chip leader Jessie Leonarez.jpg

Jessie Leonarez (standing; right) returns with a commanding chip lead tomorrow

Perhaps the most bitter sweet finish of the day was for our final table bubble boy Rommel Angeles. His final hand saw reigning Asia Player of the Year Alan King Lun Lau move all in from the small blind to cover Angeles’s short stack in the big blind. Angeles called it off and went to the races for a potential spot at the final table.

Angeles: 2♥2♣
Lau: K♣10♣

The 4♥9♥3♥ was a great one for Angeles as he also picked up a flush draw. Angeles faded danger on the 4♣ turn but the off suit 10♦ landed on the river to end his run in 10th place. He collected ₱430,400 while Lau locked up his spot on the final table with 1,015,000 and play concluded.

manila appt Rommel Angeles bubble.jpg

Alan King Lun Lau (pictured left) eliminates Rommel Angeles (pictured right) on the bubble

Here’s how our final table stacks up before they battle it out come tomorrow:

Seat Name Chips
1 Linh Tran 1,870,000
2 Mike Takayama 670,000
3 Sam Razavi 500,000
4 Seongsu Kong 970,000
5 Joven Huer 355,000
6 Alan King Lun Lau 1,015,000
7 Jessie Leonardez 4,595,000
8 Bruno Tzu Chieh Lo 860,000
9 Sangyong Lee 795,000

manila appt final 9.jpg

That’s all from us here tonight. Play will recommence back here at 2pm where our final nine will be chasing the APPT Main Event title, a ₱6,135,000 payday and the prestigious APPT trophy. Be sure to join us at the PokerStars Blog!


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