APPT7 Macau: Final table player profiles

June 16, 2013

Nine players remain at APPT7 Macau, each hunting the first prize of HKD $2,165,000 (US $279,355) and their first APPT title. A reminder of the full payouts for the final table is at the bottom.

Final table players (seat order):

Seat 1 – Jennette “Jay” Tan, 28, Hong Kong — 158,000 chips


Jay Tan didn’t need to think long to describe her defining moment of this tournament so far. “Crushing all the boys who came in my way on day two,” she said. Tan was one of the dominant forces for both of the opening days and although she will be the short stack going into the final table, her appearance among the last nine caps an excellent display for women at this tournament. Four made the money. Tan was introduced to poker two years ago, by her boyfriend Kenny Wong, who watched her from the rail after his own elimination here. This is her second final table of the year having finished seventh at the Aussie Millions in January. She says that this is her favourite poker location in Macau, however, and is also a big fan of the structure of the APPT events.

Seat 2 – Ling Tong, 25, Hu Nan Chang Sha, China, 889,000 chips


Tong Ling has been playing poker for three years, first among friends in China. The 25 year old businessman plays mainly cash games and this is his first big result in tournament poker. Ling was a quiet achiever throughout the penultimate day, steadily building his stack. He did have a moment early on when he cracked kings when his pair of tens turned into a set on the flop. The impetus allowed him to build his stack to the point that he will start the final table with 889,000 chips, which puts him right in the middle of the field.

Seat 3 – Shuyang Yu, 26, Shaoxing, China – 950,000


ShuYang Yu learned poker online on PokerStars and generally plays HK $25-50 stakes.
The 26-year old considers poker his occupation after five years in the game. Yu’s live tournament resume shows a lone result after placing 13th in a Macau Poker Cup side event earlier this year for HK $11,200. The min-cash in the APPT Macau Main Event alone has tripled those career earnings and he’s now well exceeded that by making the final table. Yu is certainly the unknown come Sunday and he’s hoping that could be an advantage he exploits.

Seat 4 – Tian Hao, 30, Harbin, China — 286,000 chips


With 13 players left in this tournament, Tian Hao found himself all in and up against two opponents, comfortably covered by one of them and almost with the same stack as the other. Hao only had pocket fives, but somehow managed to win the pot and nearly triple up. It gave him all the ammunition he needed to make it to the final. Hao has been playing poker for three years and is now a professional, mostly multi-tabling online. His biggest score was a $35,500 tournament win online, but he has adjusted well to the live environment and says he has enjoyed playing on the exceptional facilities at PokerStars Live at the City of Dreams. Away from poker, he plays table tennis and watches films.

Seat 5 – Alexandre Chieng, China, PokerStars player, 1,137,000


Alexandre Chieng has been a regular on the Asian poker circuit since 2011 and is no stranger to the late stage of competition. He has made 13 final tables in Official Asia Player of the Year events. Despite his consistency in getting there, the 33-year old cosmetics company CEO has yet to win a title. In fact, Chieng has yet to test his heads up skills; he’s never finished better than third place. An eighth place finish in the APPT Macau Main Event would represent Chieng’s biggest score but he’s clearly hoping to end his trophy drought and will unbag the third largest chip stack on the final table.

Seat 6 – Kenneth Leong, 38, Hong Kong, 2,012,000


Kenny Leong is probably best known as the Macau Poker Cup’s first ever Red Dragon main event champion, but that was way back in 2008 when poker was in its infancy in Asia. That Red Dragon only had 33 players and netted HK $126,700. Just by making the final table at this APPT Macau Main Event, the self-employed 38-year old is already assured of winning no less than HK $173,000 and only needs to finish in seventh place or better for a new career high in tournament winnings. Leong has several titles to his name and enters the final table with the only stack bigger than two million.

Seat 7 – Nan Hong, 26, Hohhot, China, 824,000


Nah Hong is relatively new to the poker scene, only playing the game for the past two years. Normally a banker, Hong would gather with friends to play in his spare time and credits them for all he now knows about the game. Typically now an online player, this final table is the furthest Hong has reached in a live tournament. Asked what he enjoyed most about this event in particular, he said he couldn’t specify: he has enjoyed every moment of progressing though the tournament.

Seat 8 – Khac Trung Tran, 29, Melbourne, Australia — 340,000 chips


Like many young Australian grinders, Khac Trung Tran got into poker by watching the Aussie Millions event at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, before discovering the online game and eventually turning pro. He took up poker five years ago and has now become a regular on the Asia/Pacific circuit, notching his most memorable result at the APT event in Manila this year. He beat a 205-player field to the $124,000 first prize, but has a number of five-figure scores. He says he won all his flips en route to the final table here, and will hope to win some more in order to overcome a relatively short stack at the final.

Seat 9 – Dinesh Alt, Switzerland, PokerStars qualifier, 1,560,000


Dinesh Alt started playing online at PokerStars four years ago and until this year had not played many live tournaments. He has certainly made an impression. He travelled to Sydney after qualifying online and promptly became ANZPT Sydney Season 5 Champion winning AUD $226,32. Not content, he headed to EPT Berlin where he final tabled a side event. He then came to Macau and cashed in the record breaking MPC Red Dragon in April. This week, he tangled with the chip leader when down to two tables and was able to win a huge pot when his straight beat two pair.

Here are the payouts for final table players:

(Place, prize HKD, prize USD)
1 – $2,165,000 ($279,355)
2 – $1,390,000 ($179,355)
3 – $779,000 ($100,516)
4 – $606,000 ($78,194)
5 – $476,000 ($61,419)
6 – $389,000 ($50,194)
7 – $303,000 ($39,097)
8 – $238,000 ($30,710)
9 – $173,180 ($22,346)


Final table players at APPT Macau (clockwise from bottom left): Jay Tan, Tong Ling, ShuYang Yu, Tian Hao, Alexandre Chieng, Kenneth Leong, Nan Hong, Khac Trung Tran, Dinesh Alt


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