APPT7 Queenstown: Bad timing for Kroesen

August 04, 2013

It was a tough final table for Ricky Kroesen. He had the two most experienced players in Daniel Neilson and Daniel Laidlaw on his direct left to keep him in check, and struggled to find a spot to get involved.

Eventually Kroesen found a spot to make a move but sadly it was a case of the worst possible timing.

The action started with a min-raise from Jonathan Bredin to 20,000 with Ricky Kroesen calling out of the small blind to see a flop of 7♣Q♠2♠.

Kroesen checked to Bredin who bet 22,000. Kroesen check-raised to 47,000 and Bredin made the call as the 10♣ found its way onto the turn. That was good enough for Kroesen to move all in for a total of 138,000.

Bredin asked for a count, thought briefly, and then made the call, tabling A♠A♣. That was not what Kroesen wanted to see, trimming his outs even further with K♠J♦ for a bare straight draw. The river bricked the 3♥ to see Kroesen depart in 6th place for a collect of NZ$19,550.


It’s another great result for Kroesen in Queenstown and on the ANZPT/APPT after finishing 4th in this event last year. He has now joined Danny Chevalier for the record for the most final tables on the ANZPT and is second in the number of ANZPT cashes behind Tony Hachem.

Meanwhile the unstoppable Jonathan Bredin seems to be doing everything right. He’s making good reads, using aggression at the right times, and has found some big cards when he needed them. Who can stop him? He’s up to 980,000 and has over three times his nearest rivals, with Daniel Laidlaw, Raj Ramakrishnan and Jon-Pierre Narbey all hovering around 300,000 while Chiu Lee is still the short stack with under 200,000.


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