APPT7 Queenstown: So long, Mr Lee

August 04, 2013

If Raj Ramakrishnan endured a rollercoaster ride, then Chiu Lee was on a ride all of his own. At times he was entertaining, other times he was infuriating. But in the end, Lee should be pretty satisfied to have survived long enough as the short stack for most of the day to take third-place prize money.

Lee’s final stand came when he moved all in from the button with Q♣9♣. Jonathan Bredin instantly re-raised all in to isolate as Daniel Laidlaw got out of the way. Bredin showed A♦K♦.

The flop fell 10♣J♥4♠ and Bredin threw his head back as Lee picked up a sweat with the open-ended straight draw. The turn was even worse as the J♣ also gave Lee outs to a flush. But perhaps it was a case of “too many outs syndrome” as the river bricked the 10♠.
Bredin gave out a yell of delight as Lee exited the floor with a smile on his face and NZ$34,900 in his back pocket.


That leaves us heads-up for the title and what an intriguing battle it will be.

Daniel Laidlaw is an experienced professional who has played with the best in the world in the biggest tournaments in the world, while Jonathan Bredin has played superbly here in Queenstown in his first APPT event.

Laidlaw enters heads-up with around 1.285 million against Bredin’s 900,000. With the heads-up blinds starting at 12,000-24,000, there’s still plenty of play ahead of us. Both are aggressive, but both are playing very smart so we might need a cooler to separate them as it appears unlikely either will make a mistake.

The shiny new APPT Queenstown trophy is on the table, and it’s time to crown our champion!


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