APPT8 Macau Day 1b: Fantasy fun for Raymond Wu

May 22, 2014

Fantasy sports are taking over the world. Walk around the streets of any city and you will no doubt hear people chatting about how their imaginary sports team didn’t score them enough points to win their league game. Heck, walk around a poker room and you will even see players tapping away on their smart phones and tablets, making trades and adjusting their fantasy teams before the next big upcoming game.

Fantasy was perhaps popularised in Basketball and American Football, but has since spread to every sport imaginable all around the world. It’s even spread to poker. It is well documented that Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu is the host of a $25,000 buy-in WSOP fantasy draft that takes play every year.

For those who don’t fully understand how poker fantasy works, I will use the $25,000 WSOP fantasy draft as an example. Basically some of the biggest names in the poker world all gather together just prior to the start of the WSOP and are given a budget of an imaginary $200 to bid on players in an auction style draft. Their teams need to have eight players and they can choose whoever they want to fill their team and bid accordingly – i.e Phil Ivey or Negreanu may cost you half of your $200 budget, while a lesser known player may only cost a few dollars. Points are then awarded to all the drafted players depending on their results throughout the WSOP. The team with the highest accumulative points win a big payout.

Sounds like fun doesn’t it?

So much fun in fact, that Negreanu’s fellow Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Wu, who is in today’s tournament field, is set to host his own version of a fantasy poker pool during the upcoming Asia Championship of Poker here at PokerStars LIVE Macau.


Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Wu

The great thing about Wu’s proposed fantasy pool is that it is a little simpler than the WSOP fantasy pool. Firstly the HK$10,000 (~US$1,500) buy-in is a more consumer friendly than the monster buy-in of the WSOP one.

The format is also a fun one. You see, not only are the eventual winners of course awarded with a cash prize, but the losers have to play the ACOP Main Event in an embarrassing costume, decided by Wu himself.

The way the fantasy pool is run will see 12 teams of two players, with each player earning their own points in all of the events during the ACOP schedule. Four teams have already entered, with seven prominent Team PokerStars Pros taking part in the fun event.

1. Raymond Wu and Naoya Kihara – Team Name: TBA
2. Bryan Huang & ElkY – Team Name: TBA
3. Celina Lin & Randy ‘nanonoko’ Lew – Team Name: CELINANOKO
4. Vivian Im & Kim Gap Young – Team Name: TBA

Full details of Wu’s fantasy pool can be found in a recent piece here at the PokerStarsBlog, so check that out and if you will be playing at the ACOP and are interested in taking part, be sure to hit Wu up on Twitter @RaymondSWu.


Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Wu… again

Of course, the ACOP doesn’t take place until the end of October and our attention is currently fixed firmly on Day 1b of the APPT Macau Main Event.

Unfortunately if Wu was playing a fantasy poker pool today he wouldn’t be looking too good to make any points. Wu recently slipped to under 10,000 in chips when he called down an opponent on a 3♥Q♣5♥4♥Q♦ board and ran into A♦2♦.

There is still plenty of time left in the day though, so Wu will be looking to claw back some chips and give himself every chance of securing a Day 2 berth. To find out if he makes it be sure to keep your eyes on the live updates section of the APPT8 Macau page.


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