APPT9 Aussie Millions: Jason Giuliano dominates the Deep Freeze

February 02, 2015

There has been nothing but positive feedback for the brand new $1,500 Deep Freeze at the 2015 Aussie Millions Poker Championship.

Players have enjoyed the championship structure of the great value event and by all accounts, everyone is hoping it becomes a permanent fixture on the schedule.

The thought process behind adding the event to the schedule was simple: Give the players what they want – a smaller buy-in event, with a big buy-in structure.

“We really try to keep up with what players are wanting,” Crown Poker TD Joel Williams told us. “The Deep Freeze, for example, is straight from the success story of the Monster Stack at the WSOP.”

“Our players have said they want a freezeout tournament, no re-entries that’s good value for money. So we did 20,000 starting stack, three days with a slow structure.”

“Tournament like this at that buy-in level? You can’t find better value.”

There were 343 players who agreed with Williams as they took to the tables to fight it out for the Deep Freeze title and the six-figure top prize.

The event was also supported by the APPT and so 36 of that field were online qualifiers looking to turn a tiny investment into big cash.


Playing for cash and an Aussie Millions championship ring

There were 88 survivors on Day 1 of the event and by the end of Day 2, a final table was set.

Here is how the final nine stacked up.

Seat 1: Akash Malik – 201,000
Seat 2: Diego Zeiter – 1,043,000
Seat 3: Dean Blatt – 666,000
Seat 4: Michael Addamo – 726,000
Seat 5: Kane Kalas – 420,000
Seat 6: Ben Richardson – 836,000
Seat 7: Kevin Nguyen – 1,480,000
Seat 8: May Siu – 287,000
Seat 9: Jason Giuliano – 1,255,000

The lone female at the final table, May Siu, was the first player eliminated and from there it actually wouldn’t take long to make it to heads-up play between Jason Giuliano and Kane Kalas.

It’s not the structure sped up, the players will still very deep at the final table. It’s more that Giuliano ran over his opponents, steamrolling his way to victory.

The only time the action wasn’t fast-paced was when the four-handed players – Guiliano, Kalas, Ben Richardson and Kevin Nguyen – stopped to talk a deal.

Richardson, a prominent Australian player known online as ‘bennybunny18’, stopped the deal dead in its tracks and ultimately went on to finish in 3rd place. He sent the chips to Guiliano when all in preflop with A♠K♦ against Guiliano’s 10♣10♠. No help on the board and Richardson was eliminated with a $39,680 score.

The heads-up situation was extremely one-sided with Guiliano having just under 6 million in chips to Kalas’s stack of only 925,000.

Kalas did his best to fight back, winning a few small pots before having to make a tough call for his tournament life on the river of a 6♠4♣8♦6♦J♦ board. Guiliano put him to the test, just as he had done several times already.

On this occasion, however, it was a bit of a cooler with Kalas having 6♥5♠ for trip sixes against Guiliano’s 6♣8♠ for the full house.

For the runner-up effort, Kalas claimed $71,350, while Guiliano took home a very nice $112,600.


Champion, Jason Giuliano

$1,500 NLHE Deep Freeze – Final Table Results

1st Jason Giuliano – $112,600
2nd Kane Kalas – $71,350
3rd Ben Richardson – $39,680
4th Kevin Nguyen – $31,000
5th Michael Addamo – $24,530
6th Diego Zeiter – $20,050
7th Akash Malik – $16,050
8th Dean Blatt – $12,700
9th May Siu – $9,370

Congratulations to Jason Guiliano!

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