APPT9 Manila: Chen and Huang jump up in the leader board

August 06, 2015

We have just received the official count of 260 entries for day 1a of the Main Event and with three more hours left to play, there certainly is plenty of time to grind for more chips, especially for players looking to climb up the 2015 Asia Player of the Year leader board.

Several players high up in the 2015 APOY rankings who made it to the felt today were Ka Cheong Wong, Pete Yen Han Chen, Yang Zhang, Leon-Lita Hsu, and Fu Bang Fubo Huang, all of them within the top ten spots of the leader board.


But let’s backtrack a bit and give you the real story here. A couple of those players we mentioned, namely Chen and Huang, have been quite impressive at the felt these past days. Both of their names and faces have practically been coloring up the side events. To start off, both went very deep at the Warm-Up event with Chen placing third and Huang placing ninth. Yup, that was definitely a warm up because, the days after, both of them went on to cash in a bit more.

At the next event, the Deepstack NLH, the stats were reversed with Huang shipping it while Chen just making the cut into the money by placing seventh. Huang continued to run deep in one more event, the NLH Freezeout, where he placed second to add more wad to his pocket and points to his APOY ranking.

With a good amount of points raked in at the side events, and the leader board now fully updated, Chen jumped from sixth position into a sweet spot third ranking, and is not very far behind in points from the top two leaders. The young Taiwanese is the reigning APOY champion and with the way he is running here, he is displaying prime form to reach that high chair once again. If that happens, that would be the first time anyone has gone back-to-back.

Like Chen, Huang has also taken a leap in ranking, actually a much bigger jump going from fifteenth place all the way up to seventh with his recent wins. If he continues with this momentum, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him rake in more points before the end of the series and climb up the ladder several more notches. For now, it is a wait and see especially that he has already been eliminated from day 1a, but with one more chance to get back in the game tomorrow, we shall be keeping a good eye on him to see how he fares.


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