APPT9 Manila: Final table is set!

August 09, 2015

The players are off to take a quick dinner break as the final table of nine has been formed here at the APPT Manila Main Event.

It didn’t take long for three more eliminations to go down as our dozen remaining players were reduced to just nine.

Fubo Fu Bang Huang had slipped to the short stack before he looked down at A♥J♦ and committed his stack. The only problem was that Japan’s Hayato Kitajima had two black kings and made the quick call. The board bricked out eight-high and Huang was out in 12th place.

Xiao Tian Yang would be next to fall in a blind-on-blind steal attempt gone wrong. Yang was all in for 435,000 from the small blind with Australian Aaron Lim giving it plenty of thought before announcing a call with Q♠10♠. It proved to be a great call as Yang showed 7♥3♥ and it only got better for Lim on the 3♦Q♦4♠Q♥2♥ board.


Yang’s elimination was great news for Romit Advani. Over on his table, his stack had been decimated when he shoved with ace-jack into the dominant ace-queen of Thomas Lee. With just 10,000 in chips left, and half of that as his ante next hand, Advani was happy to have climbed the pay jump into tenth place before he threw in his last chips with K♠3♦. He caught a pair on the flop but Douglas Olsson turned a straight with 6♠4♥ to eliminate Advani and set out final table line up.


Here’s how the official final table will kick off:

Seat 1: Jessie Leonarez (Philippines) – 380,000
Seat 2: Ying Lin Chua (Malaysia) – 1,075,000
Seat 3: Hayato Kitajima (Japan) – 2,315,000
Seat 4: Winfred Yu (Canada) – 960,000
Seat 5: Terry Fan (Chinese Taipei) – 1,375,000
Seat 6: Aaron Lim (Australia) – 1,765,000
Seat 7: Thomas Lee (Canada) – 1,270,000
Seat 8: Douglas Olsson (Sweden) – 1,365,000
Seat 9: Iona Finkenrath (Germany) – 1,110,000


Hayato Kitajima will carry the chip lead into the final table, but former APPT Seoul champ Aaron Lim is not too far behind and looks a great chance to become the first-ever two-time APPT champion!

There’s just under thirty minutes to play out in Level 24, with the blinds at 15,000/30,000 with a 5,000-chip ante. Play is set to resume at 6:30pm local time.

Heath “TassieDevil” Chick is a freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.


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