APPT9 Manila: A couple of rockets destroy Lee

August 09, 2015

We have been idle at five players for over two hours and Canadian player Thomas Lee has dominated the table with non-stop grinding, most often up against Australian player Aaron Lim. As the chip leader with around 4.6M, Lee was about to feel the shifting of the tides.

Everything began with Lim shoving on the button with his 1M chips. After calculating his odds, Lee called and it was showdown with Lee ahead holding A♥5♥ against Lim’s 6♠7♠. The flop of K♠10♥8♦ was good for Lee but with the turn of 7♦, Lim improved to a pair, and with the river of K♣, Lim doubled up.


Several orbits after, Lim and Lee were at it again and just like previous, Lim got the best of Lee. According to Lee, he was holding ace-jack and with the board running 4♣2♠A♥2♣K♥, calling Lim’s value bet on the river was a no-brainer. To his surprise however because Lim was holding a powerhouse pocket aces that gave him a dominating full house. With that hand, Lim stole the chip lead away from Lee chunking him down to 1.5M.

Before we get to Lee’s demise, Jesse Leonarez squeezed in a double up against Terry Fan bringing him up to 2M and a celebration from the rail erupted.

The railbirds got even crazier when Lee shoved with king-jack offsuit and faced Leonarez who opened up pocket aces. After the board was completed, the roar of the crowd pretty much explained it all. Lee was eliminated in 5th place and earned PHP1,097,000 for his deep run.


We are now down to four players. Lim leads with nearly 5M chips and is looking very headstrong towards possibly bagging that repeat.

Taking a quick glance over to the KO Bounty section, seven players remain and in the High Roller event, there are also seven battling it out.


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