APPT9 Seoul Day 3: Final table time

April 12, 2015

Well we started today with 13 players and after only 40 minutes we’ve already reached the final table. The four eliminations happened in quick succession and now only nine remain in contention for the APPT9 Seoul Main Event title.

The first elimination was administered almost as soon as players sat down. Japan’s Junichi Nakagiri started with only seven big blinds and quickly found the exit. He did get it in good with A♠8♣ against Poland’s Daniel Demicki’s K♠9♣ but a board of 2♦10♣3♥5♠K♥ saw Demicki spike a pair on the river to eliminate Nakagiri in thirteenth place. He’ll take home KRW9,150,000 ($8,365) for his efforts here this week.

Not long after, Demicki was at it again, this time eliminating Japan’s Shintaro Baba. It folded around to Demicki in the small blind who raised to 25,000 in chips, before Baba shipped over the top for around 140,000. Demicki snapped him off and they tabled their cards.

Demicki: 10♠10♦
Baba: A♦Q♣

It was a fair fight as Baba was flipping for his tournament life, and the A♣9♦7♦ flop saw him take the lead. The turn K♥ was safe but the river 10♥ saw Demicki spike one of his only two outs to send Baba to the rail. Baba was awarded KRW10,730,000 ($9,809) for his twelfth place finish.

Next to go was Singapore’s Tai Tan as Demicki continued his rampage. Demicki continued to flip good as his J♠J♥ held against Tan’s A♥Q♦. The two were all in preflop, and the board ran out J♣6♣9♦8♠J♦ as Demicki flopped a set and rivered quads to eliminate Tan. For eleventh place Tan received 10,730,000 ($9,809) just shy of the final table.


Tai Tan, who finished eleventh today

And our final table bubble goes to Russia’s Boris Li. The Canadian Tyler Jennens raised to 20,000 from the cut off and Li defended his big blind. The flop landed 10♠9♣4♣ and Li checked before Jennens continued for another 20,000. Li instantly moved all in over the top and Jennens made the call for 140,000.

Jennens: Q♠J♦
Li: Q♣6♣

Li was flushing against his opponent’s straight draw and higher kicker as the turn Q♥ paired them both. The river 7♦ bricked off and the jack kicker of Jennens played to send Li to the rail. Li just misses out on the final table here but takes home KRW12,625,000 ($11,542).

The remaining nine players have just taken a 15-minute break as the final table is set here for the APPT9 Seoul Main Event. Here’s where the players will sit and how they stack up.

APPT9 Seoul Final Table Seat Draw
Seat 1 – Vladimir Demenkov (Russia) – 299,000
Seat 2 – Daniel Kneafsey (Ireland) – 141,000
Seat 3 – Bryan Huang (Singapore) – 438,000
Seat 4 – Daniel Demicki (Poland) – 1,287,000
Seat 5 – Dong Kim (USA) – 176,000
Seat 6 – Tyler Jennens (Canada) – 813,000
Seat 7 – Celina Lin (China) – 309,000
Seat 8 – Jason Mo (USA) – 988,000
Seat 9 – Takuya Suzuki (Japan) – 349,000


The final nine here at APPT9 Seoul

The action is just beginning again, with blinds at 6,000/12,000 and a 1,000 chip ante. Stick with us as we cover every bust out and watch to see who will emerge victorious here for the APPT9 Seoul Main Event!


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