APPT9 Seoul Day 3: Victory for Mo

April 12, 2015

After only six hours of play here on Day 3 of the APPT9 Seoul Main Event, we’ve already reached the end.

Two hours were cut short from yesterday’s structure and today still ended earlier than expected. 13 started the day but after we reached the final table in only 40 minutes, the eliminations continued coming in quick succession.

After it was all over, only USA’s Jason Mo was left standing, claiming the Main Event title and the KRW165,590,200 ($151,384) first place prize.


APPT9 Seoul Main Event champion, Jason Mo

Mo entered heads up play with almost a 9:1 chip lead and didn’t take long to dispose of opponent Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang.

The final hand began with Mo raising to 70,000 from the button, before Huang repopped it to 205,000. Mo almost instantly moved all in and Huang decided to play for it all.

Mo: A♣Q♣
Huang: A♦8♣

Mo was dominating and he held through the flop of 10♦4♣K♦ flop. Huang was left chasing an eight or backdoor diamonds. The turn 5♣ brought no help and the river Q♥ paired Mo to see him eliminate Huang and second place and claim the title for himself.

Japan’s Takuya Suzuki was the first final table casualty running his ace-king into Mo’s pocket kings. The flop saw Mo spike top set and the board brought blanks to knock Suzuki out and grow the eventual winner’s stack.

Daniel Kneafsey from Ireland was next to go after losing a flip to Huang. He was all in preflop with jacks against the ace-king of Huang but the Team PokerStars Pro found an ace on the flop to bust his opponent in eighth place.

Mo disposed of another victim after that with A♦J♥ against Dong Kim’s K♥Q♣. Kim moved all in preflop over an open from Mo before he was called off. The board of 5♦2♣3♦3♣4♥ brought Kim no help and the heads up cash game phenom found the exit in seventh.


High stakes cash game player, Dong Kim, eliminated in 7th place

Russian Vladimir Demenkov was next to hit the rail at the hands of Huang. The super short-stack moved all in with his last four big blinds and was quickly called by Huang. Demenkov was in front with king-eight against his opponent’s six-nine but Huang managed to find a straight on the turn.

Then it was Tyler Jennens’ turn to bust. The Canadian moved all in over an open from Daniel Demicki before Mo moved all in over the top. The rest of the table got out of the way and Mo tabled Q♠Q♣, a coinflip against the A♥K♦ of Jennens. With a board run out of J♦8♦9♥3♦2♣ Jennens couldn’t improve and was knocked out in fifth place.

Celina Lin was next to follow suit, the Team PokerStars Pro copping a bad beat from Demicki.


Team PokerStars Pro, Celina Lin, bows out in 4th place

Lin called off for her tournament life with pocket tens after Demicki jammed from the small with king-three of diamonds. With only one diamond on the flop, Lin saw the bad news as the dealer revealed two more of the suit on the turn and river.

And before the heads up match was set, it was Poland’s Demicki who was sent home in third place. Raising the button Demicki was then put to a decision when Mo moved all in with enough to cover him. Demicki eventually flicked in a call with A♣J♣, flipping against Mo’s 3♣3♦. It was just Mo’s day, however, with the board running out 6♥10♣4♦7♠5♣ to see the pair of threes hold.

Then a heads up match that saw Huang unable to overcome the chip deficit. Mo maintained the chip lead throughout and in the end was too good for Huang on the day.


Runner up, Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang

1st: Jason Mo (USA) – KRW165,590,200 ($151,384)
2nd: Bryan Huang (Singapore) – KRW97,820,000 ($89,428)
3rd: Daniel Demicki (Poland) – KRW63,100,000 ($57,687)
4th: Celina Lin (China) – KRW50,490,000 ($46,158)
5th: Tyler Jennens (Canada) – KRW39,760,000 ($36,349)
6th: Vladimir Demenkov (Russia) – KRW31,550,000 ($28,843)
7th: Dong Kim (USA) – KRW25,240,000 ($23,750)
8th: Daniel Kneafsey (Ireland) – KRW20,510,000 ($18,750)
9th: Takuya Suzuki (Japan) – KRW15,780,000 ($14,426)

Congratulations to Jason Mo and thanks to the Paradise Walkerhill Casino for hosting the Seoul leg of the APPT. The next stop is China for the Nanjing Millions, which runs from April 14-19.


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