Aussie, Aussie, Aussie…Millions! Sats now available

November 23, 2015

Think of January in the northern hemisphere. Think of ice-crusted curbs, dirty oil-slicked slush on the roads, and suns that seems to set within minutes of rising. It…well, unless that’s your thing, it gets pretty depressing pretty fast.

But you have a plan. You will go to the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, sun yourself like a northern chameleon, and use those rays to get you all the way to spring. It’s a good start, but let me tell you friends, it’s just not enough. You need to look ahead to what’s next.

Here’s the answer: You go directly to Australia for the Aussie Millions!

You can start making your plans today. To find out how, keep reading below.

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PokerStars has just launched its satellites for the 2016 Aussie Millions. Starting at this very moment, you can win your full package to the Aussie Millions for as little as $5.50. PokerStars will be running daily value-added satellites for all the upcoming Mega Qualifiers.

Even if you don’t have any money in your PokerStars account, you still have a chance to go. There are daily freerolls leading to one big qualifier on November 30.

To find all the Aussie Millions satellites, head over to the PokerStars lobby and click Live Events > AUS / NZ.

For all the information you need, visit the PokerStars Aussie Million web page.

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