Aussie Millions Day 2: Get a haircut

February 05, 2014

How much would it take for you to not cut your hair for 18 months?

It’s one of those questions that might get asked between drinking buddies. It’s generally not a real question, just a fun conversation to kill some time.

In the poker world though, it’s a serious question.

Right now I’m stationed on my own little desk trying to come up with stories for the PokerStars Blog. Considering we are deep into Day 2 of one of the biggest tournaments in the world, it’s not that hard to think of something.

But I keep getting distracted.

You see, just across from me there is another desk where my colleagues and friends at PokerNews are stationed. They are busy providing all the live updates for the Aussie Millions. Usually I would look over to find Editor-in-Chief Donnie Peters with his trademark smooth clean-shaven head.

But, no, that is not the case this time around.


Donnie Peters when he won the EPT San Remo Media Event

Instead, Donnie’s head now looks very different and what PokerNews Senior Editor Rich Ryan would describe as “Looking like Matthew McConaughey except Donnie is infinitely less talented and hundreds of millions of dollars poorer.”

Or alternatively, take what you will from fellow PokerNews Senior Editor Chad Holloway’s description: “Not since Ernie McCracken (Bill Murray’s character in “Kingpin”) has a man had such luscious locks. Medusa may have turned those who laid eyes on her snake hair into stone, but Donnie simply melts the hearts of those who gaze upon his manly mane. He truly has a head of hair that any patron of “Rogain” hopes to achieve.”


Six more months before Donnie Peters can trim those curls

I bring this story up because exactly one year ago, here at the Aussie Millions, Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier and poker superstar Antonio Esfandiari said that they would pay Donnie Peters $5,000 if he were to grow his hair for 18 months.

Zero haircuts in a year and a half.

Donnie tells us that Jason and Antonio were playing the infamous “Lodden Thinks” and Gus Hansen was being the “Lodden”. They asked Gus “How much do you think it would take for Donnie to not shave his head for 18 months.” Being that for as long as Donnie has been in the poker world he has been clean shaven, Antonio thought $83,000 was the price. Gus’ number was somewhere around $50,000. Donnie told Antonio and Jason that he thought he would do it for $15,000.

Then they offered him $5,000, he took the bet and here we are twelve months later.

It was a freeroll for Donnie. If he failed he didn’t have to pay anything out, so he had nothing to lose. It doesn’t seem to have fazed Donnie too much as he is in good spirits with six months remaining before he can collect on the bet.

Donnie tells us that Jason and Antonio maybe thought things would be different.

“It seemed like Antonio and Jason were under the impression that I wouldn’t be able to wear hats because of my job and they kind of thought the job thing would be a factor, but it really doesn’t matter what my hair looks like in this job and I can wear hats on the tournament floor whenever. I think they were a little upset when I told them that afterwards.”

Jason, who is going strong as one of the chip leaders late on Day 2 of the 2014 Aussie Millions Main Event, is apparently not too happy that the bet has been so easy for Donnie.

“Jason hates it, he’s upset that he got roped into this bet where him and Antonio are paying $2,500 each,” Donnie tells us. “He just hates the fact that I’m easily getting this money off him, because I might be the only one who beats him in these bets. It bothers him a lot.”


When will this bet end for Jason Mercier!?

Antonio, who is also going strong on Day 2, happens to be enjoying the bet.

“Antonio loves it,” adds Donnie. “He comments all the time about how he thinks he got value. He tells me, ‘I really like the curls, now I really feel like I got some value,’ just because there are some curls in my hair!”

Donnie then goes on to tell us that Antonio has asked Donnie to get in touch with him when the 18 months are up and to give him a call because there would be another offer on the table.

Then earlier today Antonio smiled up at him from the tables of the Crown Poker Room and Donnie asked him “What’s Up?”

“I’m thinking about another offer,” Antonio said. “I’m floating around another five years.”

Five years with no haircuts.

Antonio hasn’t said the amount yet, but Donnie says nothing less than $100,000.

Only in the poker world.


Antonio Esfandiari – a magician who can make human hair grow

Considering Antonio took down the largest single prize in the history of poker tournaments with his win in the $1 Million Big One for One Drop in 2012, we are sure $100,000 for five years’ worth of entertainment may just be worth it.

Besides if Antonio continues his run here in the Aussie Millions Main Event, he could just take the $100,000 out of the US$6.68 million that is up for grabs.


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