Aussie Millions Day 4: Beware the Team Pro Slayer

February 07, 2014

The battle of the Team PokerStars Pros.

That’s how it was on Table 27 at the beginning of Day 4 of the Aussie Millions Main Event.

Then things changed. A hidden force unknown to the Team Pros was lurking.

Before we get to that, the story begins with Jason Mercier Vs. Liv Boeree.

Seated side-by-side, Boeree had position on Mercier.

But the positions wouldn’t really matter in the end. Not when Boeree found A♣A♥ and was all in against Mercier with K♣10♠ on a 2♦K♦8♣ flop. The turn and river ended up bricking out and with that Boeree doubled up.

The British beauty of Pokerstars needed the double up more than most. She started the day with the third smallest chip stack, but found herself healthy as she moved her stack towards the average.


Those chips wouldn’t be Liv Boeree’s for much longer

Following her double up, someone delivered four real-money $25,000 Crown Casino plaques to Boeree. Mercier thought that was pretty fun and quickly took a photo with his phone. What were the plaques were for? Who knows, but what we do know is that Boeree wouldn’t survive too much longer after those plaques went into her handbag.

You see, Mercier wouldn’t be getting his tournament chips back off Boeree. Not necessarily because Boeree was moved to Erik Seidel’s right, more because she was eliminated. Boeree’s final hand saw her all in preflop holding 8♠8♥ against the J♥J♣ of Patrick Crivell. No help and Boeree was eliminated in 28th place.

It was Aussie Tam Truong who filled the seat next to Mercier, so Mercier will have to work at winning Truong’s chips. Truong is currently one of the chip leaders with more than 1.5 million, so he has plenty to spare. Mercier isn’t in danger. He still has more than 30 big blinds and enough experience to know what to do with them. One thing Mercier might not be super excited about is the fact that he just got moved to Scott Seiver’s table, though we are sure he will manage just fine.

Mercier is safe for now anyway as the hidden anti-Team Pro forces were first working against fellow Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Wu.

It wasn’t long before Boeree’s elimination that Wu was all in holding A♥Q♦ against Patrick Crivell’s A♦J♠ – the same man who would go on to send Boeree home.

It was a great spot to double up for Wu, but the J♦6♠5♦3♣4♦ board had other ideas and he was eliminated in 33rd place, collecting $30,000. That’s the first significant result for Wu down in Australia.


Raymond Wu, just another victim for Patrick Crivell

The player who eliminated Wu and Boeree, Patrick Crivell, happens to be good friends with Wu’s fellow Team PokerStars Asia member Bryan Huang, who happens to be watching from the rail. While Huang won’t be happy to see Wu eliminated, he will certainly be happy to know Crivell is one of the chip leaders with more than 2 million.

For now we will call Crivell the “Team Pro Slayer”.


Patrick Crivell, is the name, sending home Team Pros is the game

Just as I was about to write all about how well the other Team PokerStars Pro remaining in the field was doing, he lost a big pot. Jonathan Duhamel made two pair holding 9♠7♠ on a 7♥5♠4♦K♣9♣ board and John Juanda doubled with K♦4♠ for a better two pair.

Duhamel still has the most chips of the two remaining Team PokerStars Pros. He’s on around 600,000 which is only just below average with 27 players remaining.

Who will last longer? Duhamel or Mercier?

Here’s hoping both survive Day 4, but to do that they just might need to avoid Patrick Crivell. He’s tasted the Red Spade and will surely be hungry for more.


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