Aussie Millions Day 4: Stars on show for penultimate day

February 06, 2014

I’ve just watched an important looking fellow, a TD here in the Crown Poker Room, wheel a trolley full of crisp white bags onto the tournament floor. I knew just by looking at the trolley that there are 36 bags.

They were bundled in groups of six, a heavy duty rubber band signifying a union between bags. Tablemates. Some of the bundles were held together just fine and easily carried to their table by dealers of varying shapes and sizes.

Other bundles, like the one on Table 31 where the media desk is stationed, looked like it was about to fall out of its rubber band and explode on the floor. The dealer, one of small stature, heaved the bag onto the table and with full force slid the bags to each corner of the table.

You see, it is this table which features three of the top four chip stacks. We have Aussie Sal Fazzino, the man with the heftiest bag in the room. He has 1,540,000 in chips after dealing a bit of a set-over-set cooler to an opponent last night which ushered in the end-of-play.


Chip leader Sal “ugritaly” Fazzino

Next we have Darren Rabinowitz, the player with the second heftiest bag. His stack will begin the day at 1,232,000. Finally, to wrap up our three titan stacks of Table 31, we have Sorel Mizzi. He’s one of the most successful players of the last decade and will be a tough foe as his stack of 1,099,000 is the fourth largest in the room.


Fourth time Sorel Mizzi has made deep run in Aussie Millions Main Event

The one big stack who is missing from Table 31 is one of the most successful still remaining on Day 4 of the Aussie Millions Main Event. He goes by the name Scott Seiver and he starts the day with 1,133,000 in chips.

There are probably only three other players who have comparable or better records than Seiver and they are all still alive and kicking with 36 players. First we have Erik Seidel and John Juanda, both legends of the game, and both are still poised to make the Aussie Millions Main Event final table. Seidel begins the day with 828,000 in chips, while Juanda has 568,000.

Then we have Jason Mercier, the new-age legend of the game. The Team PokerStars Pro begins the day with just under 400,000 in chips and is on arguably the toughest table remaining in the tournament, having to face off with Liv Boeree, John Juanda, Jeff Rossiter, Ami Barer and fellow Team PokerStars Pro Jonathan Duhamel.


When will Jason Mercier’s Aussie Millions run end? He’s hoping never

There is only one objective today and it’s a shared objective between all 36 players, the media and the tournament staff. We all want to make it to the final table of seven. We will play poker until that happens and as usual, it will be in 90-minute increments, with a break after every level.

Throughout the day make sure to check out the top of the Aussie Millions page. It’s where you will find all the hand-by-hand live updates, along with chip counts and prize pool information. Below all that important stuff poker fans need to know you will find features highlighting some of the more interesting stories and players remaining in the Aussie Millions Main Event.


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