Aussie Millions Day 5: Seiver severed

February 09, 2014

The first session of play on the Aussie Millions Main Event final table couldn’t break the deadlock of seven players. No matter how hard they tried, the shorties just wouldn’t go down without a fight. At the end of Level 27, Crown Poker Tournament Director Joel Williams sent them off to dinner to recharge the batteries.

Following the break, something changed.

We’re not talking about Ami Barer now wearing both a PokerStars patch and a Full Tilt Poker patch at the table. No, we’re referring to the fact that we now only have six players sitting at the table.

Scott Seiver was the overnight short stack, but he certainly gave himself a chance to get back into contention. We already mentioned a couple of his double ups earlier in the evening but there was a key hand that followed that left the international superstar in trouble once again.

It was an interesting multi-way hand that we hope makes the TV coverage so we can see what they had! Sorel Mizzi, Ami Barer and Seiver went to war with Barer check-raising the flop and Mizzi check-raising the turn. The board was J♦7♣7♦J♣ and Seiver got caught in the middle and was forced to fold.

Seiver’s final hand would see him three-bet jam for around one million chips with red eights. Darren Rabinowitz was his opponent and he made the call with A♠10♦. Seiver wanted bricks but got Broadway as the board ran out A♥J♥K♠3♥J♣.

Rabinowitz took down the pot and Seiver was first to the rail. He’ll be disappointed with seventh place but unfortunately not every coin flip can go your way.


The shackles have now been broken so will the floodgates open on our final table? No doubt Andrew Phaedonos will be feeling more relaxed after making a pay jump, so he might be prepared to take a few more chances, while Ami Barer’s stack continues to fluctuate as he tangles with now chip leader Sorel Mizzi.

Heath “TassieDevil” Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.


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