Best poker moments: The top 3 most impressive hero calls

February 10, 2021inPoker

The Top 3 Most Impressive Hero Calls

What defines a “hero call”? It’s probably in the eye of the beholder.

One might argue the category of hero calls can potentially include any call the observer wouldn’t — or couldn’t — make him or herself.

Hero calls are heroic because they impress others. They might win. They might lose. But they necessarily produce a common response — that call took guts!

The PokerStars video team recently dug through the archives to share the top three most impressive hero calls from past PokerStars Caribbean Adventures. Each provides an enjoyable mini-drama with an especially satisfying conclusion making heroes out of the callers.

Saul the spectacular

The first comes from the final table of the 2009 PCA Main Event and involves Benny Spindler and Kevin Saul.

After both players checked the flop, Spindler bet the turn holding Q♣8♣ with the board showing 2♠10♣10♦K♠. Saul — holding a pair of sevens — made the call, bringing the pot up over 1.44 million.

The A♥ river, and this time Spindler bet 650,000. Saul tanks, and tanks, and tanks some more before finding the call. Spectacular!

Mizrachi the magnificent

The second involves a hand played at an earlier stage during the PCA 2015 Main Event between Jake Cody and Robert Mizrachi.

Cody had K♣J♠ and Mizrachi A♦10♣, and before the flop Cody three-bet and Mizrachi called. Cody continued on the K♥2♦A♠ flop and Mizrachi stuck around again, then both checked the 2♥ turn.

The 10♠ river gave Mizrachi the better two pair, and he made a modest bet. But Cody responded with an all-in shove, a bet that covered Mizrachi.

Mizrachi tanked a long time as well — over eight minutes (!) — and a period the video speeds through a bit before showing Mizrachi make the big call. Magnificent!

O’Dwyer the outstanding

The last hand was in fact a “last hand” — the final one from the 2015 PCA Super High Roller. Roger Sippl and Steve O’Dwyer were heads-up for the title, and O’Dwyer enjoyed a better than 3-to-1 chip lead when the hand took place.

Sippl opened with J♠10♦ and O’Dwyer called with A♥10♣. After the Q♥8♦8♣ flop, O’Dwyer check-called a continuation bet from Sippl. Both then checked the 2♠ turn.

O’Dwyer checked again after the 3♠ river, and Sippl wasted no time before shoving all in.

“Roger!” said O’Dwyer with a grin, a kind of joking admonishment. Then it was time to think.

O’Dwyer contemplated the situation for several minutes, knowing if he called and was wrong the match would be even. But to call and be correct would mean the trophy was his.

You know how it ends. Ace-high was good. Outstanding!


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