Bounty Builder Series: ‘loosergirl92’ wins Main Event-High for $192k, ‘vamvam27’ wins Main Event-Low for $75k

March 15, 2022inPoker

The Bounty Builder Series 2022 concluded with two NLHE Main Events – the $530 High with $2 million in guaranteed prizes, and the $55 Low with $1 million guaranteed. Here are the results and highlights of how both of those final tables went down.

Bounty Builder Series Main Event (High)

Dates: Jan 13-14, 2022
Buy-in: $530
Entries: 3,660 (inc. 1,186 re-entries)
Prize pool: $2,000,000

Blinked and you might have missed it. The final table of the Bounty Builder Series Main Event – High ended in a flash. Stacks were fairly shallow, with several players sitting behind 10bb or less. With bounties in play, a flurry of knockouts was inevitable.

“P@cava27” was certainly one player who was willing to take risks when it came to earning those bounties. Sometimes it paid off – as was the case when P@cava eliminated Nicolas “mayrogata” Segredakis in eighth place and later on Gerson “Gerson ‘GR’” Braga in sixth. Other times, Pacava27’s light shoves and calls served only to double up the shorties, allowing “kepalas89” for one back into the game.

After also coming into the final table a short stack, “loosergirl27” of Germany made shoves where shoves were due and then doubled up through “VignasPokerV”, leaving the latter with just a few big blinds. VignasPokerV was eliminated a few hands player and, with four players remaining, talk of a deal ensued. One player wasn’t up for agreeing to the terms.

Once play resumed, loosergirl won a huge flip against P@cava to take the chip lead. A couple of hands later P@cava pulled it back round, eliminating “kepalas89”. Once again a deal was proposed, and once again it was rejected. It was becoming clear that the tourney would be played to the bitter end.

And a bitter sweet end it was for all except for loosergirl, who’s A♥ Q♦ held up in a three way all in against P@cava’s A♠ K♠ and Alkatzone9’s 10♦ 10♥. P@cava, who had just rejected more talk of a deal, was left with less than 15bb left behind, and a few hands later it was all over.

Loosergirl92 is the Bounty Builder Series 2022 Main Event – High champion and winner of $192,154 in total prizes!


Bounty Builder Series Main Event (Low)

Dates: Jan 13-14, 2022
Buy-in: $5
22,314 (inc. 8,380 re-entries)
Prize pool: $

The $55 Main Event – Low took on an entirely different pace. Stacks were deeper and play a little slower.

A couple of players found themselves immediately in the danger zone, and “SharkUA06” soon lost a flip to finish in ninth. “Recrytt” was also looking down at a short stack – they did manage a couple of double-ups before suffering a bad beat against Vamerdino “vamvam27” Magsakay and getting eliminated a few hands later.

Renan “xrenanx182” Meneguetti came to the final table as chip lead, with “Lui Martins” the only other player with close to xrenanx’s stack. The two Brazilians remained a dominant force for much of the final table. xrenanx182 in particular started to pull away from the pack, at one point taking down dozens of pots with preflop raises and reraises, and later even taking out Lui Martins in a huge pot.

With three players remaining, it looked like the competition was xrenanx’s to win, but the player’s aggressive strategy and wide pre-flop calls started to take their toll, allowing both vamvam27 and “muggsyboges” back into the game. Muggsyboges won the BBS 164: $109 Big Knockouts event for $17k just a few days before, and was on for another big score.

A major turning point came when vamvam doubled up through xrenanx, then again a few hands later in a post flop battle. This time vamvam was holding the nut flush, and it was all over for xrenanx.

Muggsyboges, with only 8bb remaining, had managed a neat ladder up to second place. A few hands later and the short stack was forced to shove K♣ 8♠. vamvam27 called with K♠ J♥ and it was all over.

Vamvam27 is the Bounty Builder Series 2022 Main Event – Low champion and winner of $75,256 in total prizes!


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