Catching up with the week on PokerStars School

November 09, 2017

There’s a lot to catch up on this week from the world of PokerStars School. If you missed anything this is a good place to start.


First off there was Episode 4 of our 6-Max Cash Games Guide, which went live yesterday. You can watch Ep 4 here (or watch below).

And, if you’re thinking you somehow missed Episodes 1 through 3, links to those are below.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3


Those videos are by PokerStars School contributor Paul “Carroters” Clarke, who has also written an article exclusively to PokerStars about how to label your opponents.

We don’t mean the assortment of names you call the guy you just lost your stack to as you walk away from the table, or the names you give people in your head as you smile, pretending that bad beat was of no matter to you.


Instead, this is a great strategy article for categorising players in a way that will help you take advantage of the type of player they are, and hopefully avoid resorting to the more traditional expletives. Well maybe it will.

Read Paul Clarke’s piece on labelling opponents here.


Finally, for this week there’s the latest news from the world of the PokerStars School Twitch Channel.

• Pete Clarke Thursday @ 7pm UK
• Brian Fite Thursday @ 7pm EST

You can also find replays of all our streams on that page every day, as well as details of other regular streamers like Lee Jones and Ross Jarvis.

For everything else, including how to sign up (it’s all free) check out the PokerStars School homepage.

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