Celebrate 100 million players and win a share of millions this February

January 28, 2016

PokerStars celebrates another milestone this month, one that we think more important than any of the others we’ve reached in the near 15 years since we opened our virtual doors.

It’s not about the number of hands we deal, not the number of tournaments we run or how many cash game tables we have open. It’s about the players, the people who have made PokerStars the success story that it is, and this month we’re proud to say there are 100 million of them.
If eight zeros is not cause for celebration, we don’t know what is.

So as the odometer ticks over to our 100 millionth player we figured it only right to give millions back to those same players who have helped make us the world’s largest poker site. So throughout February on PokerStars you’ll find three different ways to join in that celebration – every day, starting on Monday.

How you can win big as part of the celebrations in February:

VIP Steps Challenges (February 1-14)
PokerStars Milestone Challenges (February 15-29)
$100,000 Added VIP Club Tournament (February 27)

Each offers something a little different, but we start with the VIP Steps Challenge.

For the first two weeks of February, when you play real money games at PokerStars you’ll complete VIP Steps and earn StarsCoin – that’s the currency earned by every player who takes part in a real money game on PokerStars. These can then be used in the VIP store to buy anything from tournament tickets to luxury items. You can even swap them for cash.

You get extra StarsCoin rewards as you complete each Steps Challenge. Keep track things with the progress bar on the table. Once you fill it up you’ve completed that step and you’ll get credit added to your StarsCoin account. Complete each VIP Steps Challenges, explained here, to earn even more.

You’ll need a PokerStars account to take part/ Click here to open an account.

During our PokerStars Milestone Challenges, which starts on February 15, there will be daily challenges to complete, each tied to significant milestone in PokerStars history.

We’ll be highlighting some of those milestones on the PokerStars Blog, looking back at key moments on the PokerStars timeline. But while that’s all well and good, we’re also giving you the chance to win up to $100,000 in cash.

Open your Challenges window each day to find one silver and one gold challenge to take on. Once you click “start” you’ll have 24 hours to complete the challenge, with a randomly selected reward waiting for you if you do. What might that be? Well, anything from a $10,000 All-in Shootout ticket to $100,000 in cash. No questions asked.

So for more details, and to look up some of the actual milestones from the past 15 years, visit the PokerStars Milestone Challenge homepage.

Finally there’s your chance to turn 50 of those StarsCoin you earned earlier into a share of $100,000 in our VIP Club Tournament, held on Saturday February 27. 50 StarsCoin is all it takes to register and make it a memorable end to the month.

That all gets underway at 17:15 ET that day, and you can find the tournament in the tournament lobby (search for “$100,000 Added VIP Club Tournament”). You can also buy your way into the tournament through the VIP store, and find more details about the event on the VIP Club tournament homepage.

It’s a month we’ve been looking forward to for a while, and one which we hope you’ll join us for. Get all the details you’ll need for a memorable February on the PokerStars 100M Celebration homepage. Thanks for all your support.

Good luck.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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