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July 09, 2019inPoker

The Sunday Million has been one of the most coveted titles in online poker for more than 13 years. Thousands of players turn out every week and the winner regularly walks away with a six-figure prize.

Never played it before? Or maybe played once and want another shot? PokerStars School is ready to give you the chance at Milly glory this summer.

This week:

• PS School clears your Path to the Sunday Million
• Learning poker through social interaction
• Inside the mind of a poker pro

Path to the Sunday Million

PokerStars School’s latest promotion will award $109 Sunday Million tickets to seven players — and it’s completely free

If you’ve ever wanted to play the Sunday Million but haven’t had the bankroll to buy your seat, you’re in luck. PokerStars School is going all-in on our flagship weekly tournament with the Path to the Sunday Million promotion, and it’s aimed squarely at players like you.

In early August, the top seven finishers in a special PokerStars School tournament will win a $109 ticket to the Milly. Another 23 players will win $11 tickets to the Sunday Storm.

The only catch is you have to have a Path to the Sunday Million ticket in order to play. The good news is there are lots of ways to get your hands on one — and they won’t cost you a single cent. A total of 160 free tickets will be handed out to players in the July Masters and Initiation leagues, members who post on the forums, viewers who watch School content on Twitch, and more.

Click through here for the full rundown on all the ways you can win a ticket to the Path to the Sunday Million tourney. And then check out all these Sunday Million-specific strategy guides so you’ll be fully prepared after you’ve won your ticket and the big day finally arrives:

How to play satellites into the Sunday Million
Sunday Million Early Game Strategy
Sunday Million Mid Game Strategy
Sunday Million Bubble Stage Strategy
Sunday Million Final Table Strategy
Interviews with previous Sunday Million winners

You can also read up on past installments of the Sunday Million, including interviews with winners, by exploring our Sunday Million archives.

Improving your poker game socially

Poker is all about the long run. So outside of preparing for any single game or tournament — even one as big as the Sunday Million — the surest path to long-term profits is to invest time in studying.

Twitch streams by players like Arlie Shaban (seen here at the 2019 WSOP Main Event) can be great social resources to improve your game

“When I was first coming up the ranks, I was fortunate enough to be part of a thriving community back in the days of free information,” writes PokerStars School’s resident free-information-giver, Pete Clarke. “Before training sites started charging subscriptions, some top players were handing out golden information for free. Today, the number of elite players teaching at reasonable prices is dwindling, but there are still many effective ways of boosting your poker development through social learning.”

No need to muck around trying to discover those boosters on your own, though. Clarke works through the menu of options — including study groups, hand reviews, forums and more — in Working Socially on Your Poker Game.

And when you’re done there, check out the PokerStars School forum to connect with others like you.

Get inside the mind of a pro

Pros like Gus Hansen (seen here at the 2019 WSOP Main Event) consider the imperfect nature of poker information as they make decisions.

“It is tempting to think we are omniscient about the meaning of our opponent’s behaviour at the tables,” writes Pete Clarke. “To think that we can put players on very accurate ranges or even guess their hand is a deeply rooted instinct that comes from usually knowing exactly what facts mean in real life. We are often very well aware of why people do certain things outside of poker and this creates the illusion that we know more than we do in game – where information is very imperfect.”

In this week’s article, Clarke looks back over a hand history where his opponent shows up with a hand wildly different than the one he expected. Check out A Surprising Showdown and learn how important it is to keep some unexpected hands in your opponent’s range when you’re making a decision.

And when you finish that piece, check out more poker mindset articles and learn more about what goes on inside the mind of a poker pro.

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