Daily SCOOP Day 11: Back in action

May 18, 2017

After a day of cancellations SCOOP came back to life with three more events concluding. But things remained constant at the top of the leader board…



The headlines

That’s enough sitting in front of your computer screen doing nothing. Time to sit in front of your computer screen and play more SCOOP. After a regrettable hiatus (read about that here) there are more results to report from the business end of the Championship, with three events concluding.


In SCOOP 36-H Jonas “donut604” Mackoff beat the likes of Frederik “Fred_Brink” Jensen and Bernardo “bedias ” Dias to the title. If SCOOP titles are judged on the quality of the final table opposition then his comes with oakleaf clusters, with Ryan “PROTENTIALmn” LaPlante and Ari “BodogAri” Engel finishing fifth and eight.

In SCOOP 37-H it was caaaaamel (that’s five As) who pulled off a comeback to win a first prize of 216875 after a four way deal. Meanwhile in SCOOP 38-H lulDocuments denied Calvin “Cal42688” Anderson his 512th COOP title*, with Anderson finishing third behind not only caaaaamel (still five As), but Viktor “Isildur1” Blom in third.

You can read the reports of those finals by clicking the links below.

The day’s box scores

Here are all the results from the weekend…

SCOOP-36-H ($1,050 PLO8 [8-Max]) results
Entries: 245
Prize pool: $245,000
Places paid: 32

1. Jonas “donut604” Mackoff (Canada) $45,437.50*
2. Frederik “Fred_Brink” Jensen (Denmark) $42,150.00*
3. Bernardo “bedias” Dias (Brazil) $28,175.00
4. FrCnnctn1960 (Malta) $20,825.00
5. Ryan “PROTENTIALmn” LaPlante (Canada) $13,475.00
6. Sebastian “p0cket00” Sikorski (Canada) $11,025.00
7. WTFOMFGOAO (Russia) $8,575.00
8. Ari “BodogAri” Engel (Canada) $6,737.50
* denotes a two-way deal leaving $2,000 for the winner

SCOOP-36-M ($109 PLO8 [8-Max]) results
Entries: 1,056
Prize pool: $105,600
Places paid: 152
WINNER: Neo_gracz (Poland) $13,933 (three-way deal)

SCOOP-36-L ($11 PLO8 [8-Max]) results
Entries: 3,715
Prize pool: $37,150
Places paid: 560
WINNER: theone93 (Germany) $6,019.19

SCOOP-37-H ($2,100 NL Hold’em, Super Tuesday Special Edition) results
Entries: 771
Prize pool: $1,542,000
Places paid: 99

1. caaaaamel (Austria) $216,875.01*
2. Go0se.core! (Austria) $175,000*
3. Kot_Spartac (Russia) $157,413.79*
4. etxnl01 (Netherlands) $203,207.20*
5. LLinusLLove (Austria) $80,184
6. Balazs “birs320” Botond (Malta) $64,764
7. makeboifin (Finland) $49,344
8. Ryan “i need sheet” Yu (Canada) $33,924
9. Strz (Finland) $20,046
* denotes results of a four-way deal that left $20,000 for the winner

SCOOP-37-M ($215 NL Hold’em, Super Tuesday Special Edition) results
Entries: 2,842
Prize pool: $568,400
Places paid: 414
WINNER: fviana (Brazil) $72,643 (three-way deal)

SCOOP-37-L ($27 NL Hold’em, Super Tuesday Special Edition) results
Entries: 8,855
Prize pool: $217,930
Places paid: 1,260
WINNER: blank seat (Austria) $31,984

SCOOP-38-H ($1,050 Stud Hi/Lo) results
Entries: 217 (137 entries; 80 re-entries)
Prize pool: $217,000
Places paid: 32

1. lulDocuments (Colombia) $43,942.50
2. Bavoulis (Greece) $33,635.00
3. Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom (Sweden) $24,955.00
4. Cal ‘cal42688’ Anderson (Mexico) $18,445.00
5. tsarrast (Brazil) $11,935.00
6. joaoMathias (Brazil) $9,765.00
7. Gakn29 (United Kingdom) $7,595.00
8. Maicoshaa (Russia) $5,967.50

SCOOP-38-M ($109 Stud Hi/Lo) results
Entries: 792
Prize pool: $79,200
Places paid: 120
WINNER: ZlSlMO7 (Malta) $14,652

SCOOP-38-L ($11 Stud Hi/Lo) results
Entries: 2,698
Prize pool: $26,980
Places paid: 384
WINNER: Burns Flipper (Canada) $4,588.68

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Current leader board standings

Naza114 remains top of the overall leader board, pulling away from second placed Viktor “Isildur1” Blom thanks to a final table appearance in SCOOP 36-L worth another 45 points.

Bernando “bedias” Dias meanwhile has moved into third place thanks to a third place finish in SCOOP 36-H, while Calvin “Cal42688” Anderson, denied his umpteenth SCOOP title in SCOOP 38-H, is in fourth.

Here’s how things look.

SCOOP leader board - 18 May 17.jpg

You can find full SCOOP leader board standings here. They’re updated every day, with links to all the information that you need to follow SCOOP 2017.

Coming up on Thursday

These are the details of the “High” versions of today’s events, with Medium and Low variants also starting today. Check out the tournament lobby, or the SCOOP homepage for details.

SCOOP-43-H: $530 NLHE [Deep Stacks], $250K Gtd
SCOOP-44-H: $2,100 NLHE [Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill SE], $1M Gtd
SCOOP-45-H: $1,050 NL 5-Card Draw, $50K Gtd

Concluding today

We’ll have final table reports for the events listed below, along with the Medium and Low results.

SCOOP-39-H: $1,050 NLHE [Progressive Total KO], $500K Gtd
SCOOP-40-H: $10,300 PLO [6-Max, High Roller], $500K Gtd
SCOOP-41-H: $5,200 NLHE [8-Max], $1M Gtd
SCOOP-42-H: $530 No Limit Omaha [8-Max, Win the Button], $100K Gtd

You can find details all the events by visiting the SCOOP 2017 homepage, which details what’s coming up, how to play, and how to win it all. Actually it doesn’t tell you that, but it does give details of satellites, and everything else you might want to know.

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