The DAILY SCOOP for Thursday

May 16, 2019inPoker

We’re back to pick out the best value (and cheapest) tournament of the day on SCOOP. We’ve reached Thursday, which has a $5 tournament to tempt those looking for action and a decent payday.

(Suggested entry)

It also happens to be Notebook Day. A good chance to update your journal with your inner most feelings about life, love, and that ******* outdraw you’re still grieving from opening day.

Alternatively, try today’s distraction from the real world.

It’s a barnstormer of a tournament. It costs a humble $5 to play, but promises a big return. You might call it the type of tournament you could be writing about in CAPITAL LETTERS this time tomorrow.

So, open your supermarket notebook to the next page and make a note of the following. High rollers, please feel free to open your leather-bound executive diary to do the same.

Today’s pick…


This is a $5.50 re-buy tournament played in no-limit hold’em.

The unlimited re-buys for the first two hours make this an action filled event, so plan accordingly. And that six-figure guarantee will appeal to high and low rollers alike.

It starts at 20:30 UK time, which is 15:30 ET. But late registration is open for 1 hour 35 minutes.

That means if you’re east of the Atlantic and home late, or west of the Atlantic and home early, you can still join the fun.

For everything else SCOOP related, including other events on the schedule today, check out the SCOOP homepage. You can also catch up on all the overnight scores, including wins for Naza114, RunGodLike, merla888 and more, in our news round-up.



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