Dear Spraggy: Chin up, kid. You’re not alone.

May 16, 2018

Dear Spraggy,

Hey, buddy. Brad from the Blog here. Just wanted to check in on you and see how you’re doing. SCOOP can be a tough time for anyone, especially when someone close to you is doing so well and you…well, no matter about that.

So, things going okay? Anything bothering you? I ask because you seemed like there might be something on your mind when you responded to our tweet about our super-serious not-a-bit-of-a-laugh PokerStars Blog Golden Scythe Award.

I get it, man. You sit there all day in one Twitch window while your virtual brother just knocks out player after player. I mean, have you seen the damned statistics? Fintan is crushing it right now! And you…well, yeah, you’ve seen the statistics. I’m sure it’s not bothering you.

Hey…they’re just statistics kid. It’s not like he’s, you know, a better person than you right? Just because he’s near the top of all the big PokerStars players right now on the Team Pro Golden Scythe list and you are hanging out in the sub-1 per event knock-out ratio gutter, that doesn’t mean Fintan is worth more than you…at least in terms of earthly virtue. We won’t count money, esteem, and self-worth today.

Have you ever considered trying…I dunno…maybe some daily affirmations?

Here’s a story that might help you. When I was younger, my father had high aspirations for his sons. My brother and I worked hard to help him realize his dreams of having two successful sons in professional pursuits. I was an average student who liked the occasional pint or 12, rock and roll music, and black leather jackets. I wore my hair long and I was the Greene County Champion of Sleeping Past Noon. You don’t get that far without working hard. Still, my ginger brother was a straight-A student, president of the student body (in high school and university), received a full scholarship to undergraduate university AND medical school. Today, he’s a successful doctor with a very nice home and a log cabin on 250 acres of wooded land.

But, guess what, Spraggy? I’m a poker blogger. And that’s not nothing. I’ve got that to hang my hat on. And I can still sleep like a freaking champion.

What I’m trying to say, Spraggy, is that we’re all different people, and just because the guy with whom you spend most of your time is super successful in an area where you might be lagging behind, well, that doesn’t mean you can’t be a success, too, kid.

We here at the PokerStars Blog are all rooting for you. We know Fintan is closing in on 30 knockouts since SCOOP began, but we’re ready to throw a party when you cross that 10-knockout barrier. And if you don’t end up getting that Golden Scythe, well, we’ll get you something. Maybe a used Swiss Army knife…or at least a rusty nail file. We’ll see what we have in the closet.

And hey, listen, your SCOOP knock-outs might not be up there with the likes of Fintan’s, but you knocked this cat out last night and won yourself a few thousand bucks in the process. There’s a laurel you can rest on…even past noon tomorrow if you want!

Your friend,


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