EPT €25K High Roller: Final table level 20 updates

May 03, 2009

EPTLive updates from level 20 of EPT Monte Carlo €25,000 High Roller final table are brought to you by Chris Hall and Simon Young. Click refresh to see the latest updates here.

The latest chip counts will be placed here as we get them, while you’ll have to exercise your index finger to click here for the prizes page and those who pocket them. And they’ll need big pockets.

Blinds: 20,000-40,000 (ante: 4,000)

6.05pm: Chips
Vanessa Rousso, Team PokerStars Pro, 1,490,000
Randy Dorfman, 1,359,000
Tony G, 1,126,000

5.45pm: Happy jack for Rousso
Vanessa Rousso’s A♦J♥ came good in the end on a 4♥10♥3♣Q♦J♣ board, enough to take down a 470,000 pot off Randy Dorfman. Tony G is sipping tea.

New chip counts with you soon.

5.30pm: Dorfman takes a biggy
There is starting to be a lot of limped three-way pots but not much action down the streets. In the biggest pot of the last ten minutes or so,Tony G limped the button and Vanessa Rousso made up the small blind. Dorfman raised an additional 125,000 and both players called and saw a 4♥A♥7♦ flop. All three players checked and a 2♦ appeared on the turn. Rousso checked a second time and Dorfman moved all-in, Tony G folded after some dwelling and Rousso folded too, the pair showing 8♣7♣ and Q♠10♠ respectively. Dorfman showed them J♦J♥

5.20pm: Rousso doubles up
Monster pot alert! Vanessa Rousso, who had slipped in chips slightly, just secured a key double up against Randy Dorfman. He had raised to 88,000 pre flop, called by Rousso. The flop came 9♦K♣4♣, and that’s when things got a bit carried away. Dorfman bet 108,000, Rousso re-raised, he went all-in, she called for her tournament life.

Dorfman: K♥10♥
Rousso: 9♣10♣

Rousso needed a club for the flush – and the 2♣ duly arrived on the turn. She’s now over the million mark again, while Dorfman is back at 800,000, closely followed by Tony G.


Vanessa Rousso

5.10pm: Finely balanced
It’s still high-wire balancing act in the high roller event, Tony G has been the main aggressor, raising preflop from the small blind against Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso and continuation betting the K♥Q♣2♣ flop. He also raised to 180,000 from the big blind after Rousso limped the button, the latter folding to the pressure of the big bet.

5.00pm: Break time
Players have taken a ten-minute break. They’re now coming back to sit around the following approximate stacks:

Randy Dorfman, USA, 1,350,000
Tony G, Lithuania, 1,350,000
Vanessa Rousso, USA, Team PokerStars Pro, 1,250,000


Tony G


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