EPT €25K High Roller: Final table level 23 updates

May 03, 2009

EPTLive updates from level 23 of the EPT Monte Carlo €25,000 High Roller final table are brought to you by Chris Hall and Simon Young. Click refresh to see the latest updates here.

The latest chip counts will be placed here as we get them, while you’ll have to exercise your index finger to click here for the prizes page and those who pocket them. And they’ll need big pockets.

Blinds: 40,000-80,000 (ante: 10,000)

11.20pm: Dorfman eliminated in second place. Vanessa Rousso wins the €25,000 EPT High Roller Event!
After a long and protracted battle, Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso has won the €25,000 high roller event here in Monte Carlo. In the final hand, she bet 150,000 on the turn of a 3♣9♠8♥5♣, Dorfman made the call and they went to the K♥ river. Rousso moved all-in and Dorfman quickly called, Rousso flipped over 7♣6♠ while Dorfman’s K♣5♦ was just no good.

Afterwards Vanessa said, “As long as I got my money in good I thought I had a chance, I’m probably going to go and have a good cry after this!” Sounding a little tired, she added, “I’ve given 110% over the last three days, but a few weeks ago I finished second in the NBC Heads-Up Championships and I was happy, but at the end of the day second places are no good, you want to win.”

Rousso takes home €720,000 for her victory, her biggest ever result, while Randy Dorfman receives €434,000 for second place.

11.10pm: Swings and roundabouts
The chip counts are changing faster than Usain Bolt takes to get dressed. Vanessa Rousso min-raised to 160,000 preflop with Dorfman calling before both checked the A♦2♥A♠ flop. On the 10♣ turn, Dorfman check-raised Rousso’s 350,000 bet all-in and got snap called by the Team PokerStars Pro’s A♣4♥ with Dorfman’s 6♠5♠ drawing dead, meaning the Q♥ river was academic.

Soon after though, Dorfman doubled back up with K♠9♦ against Rousso’s 5♥5♣ on a 4♦Q♣8♣9♥6♦ board. He’s now on about 1,400,000 while Rousso has about 2,600,000. The epic battle continues…

10.50pm: Rousso doubles
Vanessa Rousso got a timely double up, flopping two pair when with K-5 on a K-5-4 flop and then getting all in against Randy Dorfman’s A-J. The 6 turn and 3 river changed nothing.

Randy Dorfman; 2,350,000
Vanessa Rousso: 1,600,000


Vanessa Rousso


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