EPT €25K High Roller: Level 14 updates

May 02, 2009

EPTLive updates from level 14 of EPT Monte Carlo €25,000 are brought to you by Chris Hall and Simon Young. Click refresh to see the latest updates here.

The latest chip counts will be placed here as we get them, while you’ll have to exercise your index finger to click here prize payout page for the prizes and those who pocket them. And they’ll need big pockets.

Blinds: 4,000-8,000 (ante: 700)

10.10pm: Up and down
It has been an hour of mixed fortune for the Team PokerStars Pros, first off Betrand ‘ElkY’ Grospieller was knocked out when he pushed his short stack in with A♣7♣ but found Anthony Giuetti behind him with A♠A♥. A board of A♠7♥3♦7♦K♦ ensuring that ElkY would have always lost a big pot in this spot, no matter the stack sizes.

William Thorson bet 16,000 on a 5♦2♦A♥3♦ board and found Daniel Alaei raising to 54,000 behind. Both players checked the 7♠ river and Thorson flipped over 4♦3♥ for a flopped straight which was good enough as Alaei mucked.

Finally, on the last hand of the level David Steicke raised to 24,000 and Thorson flat-called from the small blind. Vanessa Rousso then re-raised all-in for 169,000, Steicke quickly gave up but Thorson really thought about it, checking out how much of his stack it would cost him. In the end though, he thought better of it and Rousso added a valuable 50,000 to her stack putting her back over the 200,000 mark.

9.45pm: Roberto Romanello eliminated in 14th place
The hand played itself, though that will not make Roberto Romanello feel any better since he’s out six places short of the money.

After a bit of pre-flop argy-bargy between him and Daniel Alaei, the two saw a flop of 5♠2♠Q♥ – and all the money went in lightening quick. The reason?

Alaei: Q♦Q♣
Romanello: A♠7♠

Nut flush draw needed to hit against the flopped set, but the tun 5♦ and river 9♥ blanked for the Welshman, and Alaei rebuilt to around 500,000.

Then a big pot brewed on the table next door between Team PokerStars Pros William Thorson and ElkY which left the bleach-haired Frenchman crippled.

First ElkY raised pre-flop to 18,000. Called by Anthony Giuetti, Thorson and Vanessa Rousso. The flop came A♠8♥A♣, checked to ElkY who bet 38,000. Only Thorson called. The turn was 9♠ and both checked. Then ElkY bet a hefty 55,000 on the Q♥ river. After a bit of a count of his stack, Thorson made what turned out to be a brilliant call, as ElkY mucked without so much as waiting to see the Swede’s cards, which turned out to be K-8.

Thorson is up to 320,000, but ElkY is down to 60,000 and in grave danger.

9.35pm: Alaei begins the comeback
Having been knocked down to a short stack earlier, Daniel Alaei has had to really fight to keep himself going in this tournament. A mid-position raise to 23,000 was met with an all-in from Roberto Romanello in the big blind, while a limp in second position behind Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso’s limp saw John Kabbaj raising to 48,000 next to them taking the pot down.


Daniel Alaei

Eventually though, the American managed to find a good spot, Team PokerStars Pro William Thorson raised from the hijack to 21,000 and Alaei reraised all-in for around 100,000 more from the button. Thorson requested a count, but then made the call with A♦Q♥, behind to Alaei’s K♥K♦. There were no surprises on the 10♠8♣5♣4♣10♥ river and Alaei is back to around 250,000 while Thorson is down to about the same.

9.15pm: Tony G misses his bus
Tony G was ten minutes late back to his table after his slap-up Japanese dinner lasted a little longer than planned.

“I missed my bus,” he told the table. “I waited 15 minutes and it didn’t turn up.”

“Where did you eat?” asked David Saab from the rail.

“In the Japanese around the corner.”

“You don’t need a bus for that, it’s five minutes walk,” said Saab.

“Well I still wanted a bus,” said Tony G. “I like the bus.”

It’s all very jovial on Tony G’s table, although David Steicke, who had been a big stack earlier in the day but was now short, was very serious indeed. He faced a button raise from Florian Langmann big enough to set him all in. Call.

Steicke: K♦Q♣
Langmann: J♥Q♦

A double up looked likely – and was confirmed when Steicke made a straight on the turn, and a flush on the river for good measure.

On the other table, ElkY who had built a huge stack before being knocked back to 130,000 had been set all in by Vanessa Rousso on when the showed 2-J-8-7. ElkY thought only briefly before mucking.

9.00pm: Biggest pot of the night
Daniel Alaei has been knocked down to just 130,000 or so in a mammoth pot against Anthony Giuetti. Giuetti check-raised Alaei’s 29,300 bet 10♣7♣3♥ flop to 74,000 and got called. Both players then checked the 3♣ turn before Giuetti moved all-in on the 7♦ river, Alaei stared intently at his moment for a couple of minutes, counting out the chips but it looked like that he was going to fold. Suddenly he said quietly, “call,” and Giuetti immediately flipped over 10♠7♠ for the full house. Alaei counted out the stacks of yellow and blue chips and began to pass them across the table to Giuetti, the latter now becoming our new chip leader with over 500,000 having previously been a short stack for much of today.

8.45pm: Players back for final push
The surviving 14 high rollers are stepping through the crowds – the six-max €5,000 event has just started – to head back to their two tables, tucked away in one corner of the tournament room.

Our chip leader is still Daniel Alaei from the USA, who has been challenging at the top all day and now has 430,000. We’ll be playing down to our final eight players tonight.


Daniel Alaei


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