EPT €25K High Roller: Level 15 updates

May 02, 2009

EPTLive updates from level 15 of EPT Monte Carlo €25,000 are brought to you by Chris Hall and Simon Young. Click refresh to see the latest updates here.

The latest chip counts will be placed here as we get them, while you’ll have to exercise your index finger to click here prize payout page for the prizes and those who pocket them. And they’ll need big pockets.

Blinds: 5,000-10,000 (ante: 1,000)

11.50pm: Rousso takes control

In the last hand of a level, a huge pot developed between Vanessa Rousso and Anthony Giuetti, the latter had bet around 125,000 on the turn of a Q♣A♥K♦6♣ board. The Team PokerStars Pro thought long and hard before eventually moving in for another 150,000 on top. Giuetti sighed and said, “I have to call,” flipping K♥Q♦ and needing one of two outs against Rousso’s A♣Q♥, but the river was the 8♦ and Rousso becomes the chip leader for the first time in the tournament.

11.40pm: Daniel Alaei eliminated in 11th place
It’s a cruel game. Fork out €25,000 entry fee, flirt with the chip lead, have a healthy 330,000 at the last break, and now you leave with nothing.

Such was the sorry story for Daniel Alaei, who just went home with zilch, two places short of the money, when he shoved his last 100,000 or so with A-7 but walked into the A-K of chip leader Anthony Giuetti.

Soon after David Steicke survived his 130,000 all in when his A-2 held up against the John Kabbaj’s K-Q suited.

The tournament staff have announced the two remaining tables of five and six players will play down to one table of nine, and then lose one more player so tomorrow’s final table of eight is set.

11.30pm: Rousso straight-flushes
On a K♠J♠7♠ board, Vanessa Rousso check-raises all-in against David Steicke’s bet for a total of around 175,000, Steicke calls fairly quickly holding K♣J♣ but the Team PokerStars Pro flips 10♠9♠, needing to avoid a king or a jack to avoid elimination. The turn is the 9♥ helping neither and the river is the 8♠ making an unneeded straight-flush. Rousso is up to around 350,000 while Steicke drops to around 150,000.

Meanwhile, ShootingStar Florian Langmann has been swinging from one extreme to another on the other table. Having raised pre-flop, he checked behind David Eldar on a 9♦6♦Q♠ flop and when Eldar bet 30,000 on the turn, the German made it 70,000 only to fold when Eldar moved all-in.

11.15pm: Lev Myrmsky eliminated in 12th place
After being left short after the hand described a little earlier, Lev Myrmsky wasted no time in getting his remaining 80,000 into the middle with 4-5 offsuit. Tony G was waiting with A-8 and made the auto call. The J-8-K flop put him a mile ahead and the 3 turn and 5 river changed nothing. We’re down to 11 – and Tony G has a menacing 500,000-plus stack.

It’s not going so well for Daniel Alaei, who just lost a big pot to Anthony Giuetti, now the clear chip leader. Giutti’s K-J was good on a 8-K-10-2-4 board. Alaei is now down to 130,000.

11.00pm: Refusing to die
There’s still 12 players left in the high roller event, as the shorter stacks continue to survive, but only just. Randy Dorfman pushed preflop and Lev Myrmsky called behind with everyone else getting out of the way, Dorfman flipped Q♠Q♦ and Myrmsky showed A♣Q♣ needing an ace to eliminate his foe. But the board came 3♣7♠5♦J♣2♥ Dorfman making it through and now Myrmsky is the short stack.

On the other table, David Steicke extracted 60,000 chips out of William Thorson after betting on the river of a 5♥A♦7♣5♣6♥ board. The Swede made the call and mucked when he was shown 9♠5♠.

10.45pm: Langmann survives by the skin of his teeth
Florian Langmann, who had flirted with the chip lead at times today, was now down to his last 100,000 or so. In the big blind, he looked down at A-J, and when Lev Myrmsky raised from the small blind he shoved. Insta call:

Myrmsky: A♠K♦
Langmann: A♣J♠

Langmann needed a lot of help to keep his tournament alive. It was desperate on the 6-9-4-2 board. But would’nt you know it? The river slapped down a jack – and Langman doubles up to 205,000 to live another day. “Don’t worry. It happens,” said Myrmsky as he passed over a quarter of his stack.

10.40pm: Feldman is no felled-man
Andrew Feldman was having a torrid time over the last few minutes. First he raised to 27,500 and Randy Dorfman re-raised to 99,500 pushing him off a hand, the next hand he raised once more and this time Florian Langmann moved all-in, forcing Feldman off his hand. The third time needed to be the charm though, Feldman moved all-in for just under 200,000 but Dorfman pushed all-in behind him, everyone else folded and the cards were on their backs.

“Please show me tens,” begged Feldman turning over A♣J♠ but Dorfman flipped over K♦K♥ instead. The flop came out A♥9♦5♦ and Feldman shouted, “Yes!” with a fist-pump and avoided a king on the 7♥ turn and 6♦ river. As Feldman celebrated, Roberto Romanello shouted from the rail, “Andrew, show some class,” as he attempted to calm down the young English pro. Feldman is now up to about 400,000 while Dorfman has a little over 100,000.

10.30pm: Chip counts
Anthony Giuetti, 625,000
Lev Myrmsky, 450,000
Tony G, Lithuania, 366,000
David Steicke, 333,000
Daniel Alaei, USA, 330,000
David Eldar, USA, 330,000
William Thorson, Sweden, Team PokerStars Pro 320,000
Randy Dorfman, 245,000
Vanessa Rousso, USA, Team PokerStars Pro, 225,000
Andrew Feldman, UK, 220,000
John Kabbaj, UK, 165,000
Florian Langmann, Germany, PokerStars ShootingStar – 157,000

10.20pm: So close they can smell the money
From the 79 starters yesterday we are down to our last 12. Just four of these unfortunate soles will go home with nothing. We’ll, minus €25,000 actually. They’re settling back in their seats now after a ten minute break, during which the black 100 chips were raced off.

We’re now scurrying around getting chip counts, and these will be posted here before you can say: “Where are the chip counts” (about 200 times).


Tony G still in the hunt


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