EPT €25K High Roller: Level 16 updates

May 02, 2009

EPTLive updates from level 16 of EPT Monte Carlo €25,000 are brought to you by Chris Hall and Simon Young. Click refresh to see the latest updates here.

The latest chip counts will be placed here as we get them, while you’ll have to exercise your index finger to click here prize payout page for the prizes and those who pocket them. And they’ll need big pockets.

Blinds: 6,000-12,000 (ante: 1,000)

1.15am: Level up
Players are on a ten-minute break.

1.05am: Rousso’s river
A three-way pot between William Thorson, Vanessa Rousso and Anthony Gieutti, the latter two calling Thorson’s under-the-gun raise to 30,000. They all checked the Q♦7♥2♠ flop, and again the J♥ turn. The 6♥ river was too much for Thorson to resist and he led out with 38,000 – called by Rousso and Gieutti folded. Thorson announced ace high, Rousso flipped 5♠6♠ and the paired river was good.

It’s pretty nervy round the table right now. After lasting two full days, none of these nine want to be the last player going home with nothing.


Vanessa Rousso

12.45am: Dorfman comeback
Vanessa Rousso limps for 12,000 from UTG, Randy Dorfman limps behind, as does David Eldar. Florian Langmann makes up the small blind and Tony G says, “Four friends,” and checks. A very rare multiway pot.

The flop is 9♠8♠5♥ and it’s checked to Rousso who bets 40,000. Dorfman makes the call, Eldar and Langmann fold and after some deliberation, Tony G also calls, suddenly the pot is getting big. Rousso asks Dorfman how much he has back, and the answer is around 200,000. The turn is the 6♦ and Tony G checks, Rousso bets 100,000 and Dorfman thinks for a few minutes before moving all-in for an additional 123,000, Tony G moves out of the way and Rousso looks pained, eventually folding, she still has over 1,000,000 and is the chip leader though.

12.25am: Rousso takes another huge pot
Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso is gathering huge momentum, and just added to her already large stack by winning a monster off Anthony Gieutti.

She raised under the gun to 34,000 and Gieutti and Tony G called. The flop came 5♦4♥3♥. Rousso check called Gieutti’s 50,000 bet after Tony G folded. The turn was 2♣ opening up straight possibilities. Again Rousso check called, this time 108,000. The 7♣ on the river slowed them down and both checked.

Rousso showed A♦K♥ and it the straight was good for a near 400,000 pot. Gieutti now falls back into the chasing pack.

12.05am: John Kabbaj eliminated in 10th place
John Kabbaj is our 10th place finisher after reraising all-in over the top of chip leader Vanessa Rousso who made the call with A♦Q♣ and was coin-flipping against Kabbaj’s 9♠9♥. When you’re the big stack though, these things tend to go your way and the board came out Q♦J♣5♦5♣10♥ making Rousso the first player to go over the one million mark.


John Kabbaj

The players have now moved to one table and are playing now to eliminate one more player who will go home with absolutely nothing while everyone else takes with them at least €60,000.

11.55pm: Chip count!
Into the new level and we’re two out from the money. Here are the chip counts:

Vanessa Rousso, Team PokerStars Pro, 791,000
Anthony Gieutti, 630,000
Tony G, 592,000
David Eldar, 427,000
Florian Langmann, PokerStars.de ShootingStar, 388,000
David Steicke, 262,000
Randy Dorfman, 250,000
Andrew Feldman 232,000
William Thorson, Team PokerStars Pro, 225,000
John Kabbaj, 170,000


Vanessa Rousso


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