EPT €25K High Roller: Level 17 updates (continued)

May 03, 2009

EPTLive updates from level 17 of EPT Monte Carlo €25,000 are brought to you by Chris Hall and Simon Young. Click refresh to see the latest updates here.

The latest chip counts will be placed here as we get them, while you’ll have to exercise your index finger to click here prize payout page for the prizes and those who pocket them. And they’ll need big pockets.

Blinds: 5,000-10,000 (ante: 1,000)

1.40pm: Florian doubles
On the last hand of the level, Dorfman raised to 40,500 on the button and Florian Langmann made the call from the small blind. The flop came K♦10♥5♦ and Langmann led out for 55,000 and Dorfman raised all-in effectively making the German play for his stack. The ShootingStar played with his chips before announcing “Call,” and turning over K♥Q♦, Dorfman though turned over a dominated A♥K♠ and Langman could only say, “wow!” The turn was the Q♣ and the river was the 9♥ and Dorfman said, “You have nine lives sir,” as he was forced to count out 549,500 and pass it over to Langman, who now takes over the chip lead.

Chip counts:

Randy Dorfman, USA – 950,000
Florian Langman, Germany, PokerStars.de ShootingStar – 1,150,000
Tony G, Lithuania, – 900,000
Vanessa Rousso, USA, Team PokerStars Pro – 850,000

1.20pm: “Let’s gamble!”
The colourful Lithuanian has managed to recover some chips through Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso. Tony G raised to 41,000 from the button with Vanessa Rousso re-raising to 100,000 from the small blind. Tony G instantly called and the flop came down K♦6♣7♣, Rousso stared hard at the flop then said, “140,000,” but was met with an instant all-in move from her opponent who said, “I love it! Let’s gamble.” Eventually Rousso folded to this big push and Tony G let her see one of his cards which was the 7♥, Rousso is still chip leader but Tony G is rapidly catching up…

1.15pm: Double bust out in three-way monster
Team PokerStars Pro William Thorson and David Eldar both busted in an extraordinary hand against Randy Dorfman, now the runaway chip leader. It started with Thorson declaring all in for his 156,000. Tony G and Rousso folded, but Dorfman then declared all in, too, covering Thorson.

Eldar clearly had a tough decision, having looked at his cards, raised his eyebrows and groaned to himself. “I love his expressions,” said Rousso, but Eldar was in no mood to joke around. He too was covered by Dorfman. Call!

Thorson: 7♦8♦
Dorfman: 7♠7♥
Eldar: Q♦Q♣

The flop came K♠Q♠J♥ giving Eldar the set – but the turn of A♠ opened flush possibilities for Dorfman, or a ten would make a split pot. The river was 5♠ giving Dorfman the runner runner flush, and sending Thorson and Eldar to the rail. Eldar had Thorson covered and finishes one place higher.

William Thorson eliminated in 6th place for €99,000
Daid Eldar eliminated in 5th place for €138,000

So we’re down to just four players already. It’s been a lightening start to the final table. Randy Dorfman is the clear chip leader – we’ll have the counts for you very soon.


Randy Dorfman

1.10pm: G forced out of pot
Tony G continues to orchestrate the action, raising to 40,000 and finding Randy Dorfman re-raise to 80,000 behind him. G flat-calls and the flop is a possible action creating J♦10♦9♠, Tony G checks and Dorfman bets 115,000 which is instantly called. The turn is the A♥ and it’s checked to Dorfman again who moves all-in, Tony G lets out a desperate sigh and folds K♥K♦ face up, in the aftermath Dorfman says, “Tony, you played that awful.”

1.00pm: Feldman eliminated in 7th place for €79,000
“I have six bikes, they get better each time,” replied G. Eldar then moved all-in and everyone else folded, including Tony G who showed K♥9♥. Eldar immediately turned over Q♠Q♥ and Feldman showed A♠10♦, the board ran out Q♦5♦7♣7♠7♦ and Feldman was eliminated in 7th place winning €79,000.

12.50pm: Don’t play the Ralph Perry against me, says Tony G
Randy Dorfman just felt the full force of a Tony G onslaught, missing out on a big pot when his K♥J♥ was beated by K♣10♥.

Tony G raised to 40,000 and Dorfman called, adding: “I check in the dark to my friend.” The flop ran J♣4♣K♦, two pair for Dorfman. Tony G bet another 40,000, re-raised by Dorfman by another 75,000 – call. The turn was 7♣ – check, check – and the river 9♣. Dorfman checked and now Tony G made it 60,000. “That’s a good value bet,” said Dorfman as he considered the call, first sitting, then standing, then reluctantly adding: “I gotta call. If you’ve got a club you win.”

Tony G had filled up with a flush, but it didn’t end there.

“I can’t believe you played the Ralph Perry against me,” he said, referring to the famous video clip where he chastises Ralph Perry for playing K-J against him out of position for his tournament life. “Never play the Ralph Perry against me,” he continued, “and out of position too!. I can’t believe you did that. All I ask is for a bit of respect – don’t do the Ralph Perry.”

Dorfman, clearly rattled although Tony G was teasing, said:” But it was suited. Anyway, you said K-J was your favourite hand.”

“It is,” replied Tony G. “It’s my favourite hand for busting people. Just don’t play that hand against me. EVER!”

That’s two big pots Dorfman has now lost in the early skirmishes.

12.40pm: Thorson gets early double up
We said William Thorson needed an early double – and he’s just got it, moving all in for his last 82,500 with 10♣10♦ against Randy Dorfman’s A♦10♥. “I think this may be too much for you,” said Thorson. “It might not be,” replied Dorfman as he counted out the call.

The board ran 3♦3♥7♣2♣Q♣, and Thorson is back in the hunt.

12.30pm: David Steicke elimiated in 8th place for €60,000
In the first hand, Tony G raises from UTG to 40,000 and Vanessa Rousso calls next to him. Everyone else folds and the two check down a 5♦4♠4♥A♣5♠ board to the river where Tony G bets 70,000. Rousso quickly calls but gets shown A♦K♣, she flashes A-Q and throws it into the muck.

Next hand sees a raise from Randy Dorfman to 32,000, David Steicke re-raises to 92,000 next him, the action goes back to Dorfman who quickly moves all-in. Steicke quickly calls with K♦K♠ and Dorfman shows A♦K♥. The board runs out 10♣7♦7♠A♣4♣ and Steicke gets eliminated in eighth position winning €60,000.

12.20pm: Interviews before we start
William Thorson gave us a few brief quotes on how a high roller event plays differently from a main event saying, “The field is generally 90% tough players and you can play real poker. Generally I like to play against weaker players but everyone who made this final is good.” Despite the fact he will be the shortest stack going into the final table, Thorson said of the possible money on offer that he didn’t want to think about it, “If I start to think about the money, I won’t do very well.”

Vanessa Rousso meanwhile, is brimming with confidence going into the final as chip leader. “I really like high roller events because I have to bring my ‘A’ game and when I play good players I play less marginal hands. At one point yesterday I was on table where there was like $40 million worth of tournament wins!”

12.10pm: Ready to rumble
We have the usual minor delays while our finalists settle down, unpack chips from their bags and stack them. We’ll be up and running very soon. Looking for an early double up is Team PokerStars Pro William Thorson.

Seat 1: Andrew Feldman, 202,500
Seat 2: Randy Dorfman, 487,500
Seat 3: David Steicke, 347,500
Seat 4: David Eldar, 385,500
Seat 5: William Thorson, Team PokerStars Pro, 132,000
Seat 6: Florian Langmann, PokerStars.de ShootingStar, 274,500
Seat 7: Tony G, 875,000
Seat 8: Vanessa Rousso, Team PokerStars Pro, 1,250,000


William Thorson


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