EPT Baden: Almost done

October 09, 2007

The day is definitely drawing to a close now, and were it not for a two-outer recently sending Michael Durrer, the PokerStars qualifier from Germany, to more than 100,000, we’d already be packing up and going home.

But, truth be told, I’m happy: when I spoke to Durrer earlier in the day, asking him for the story so far, he told me to check back later. It was too early for stories, he said. But, having noticed about 30 railbirds crowded around his table late on tonight, the notebook came out and recorded this, among th other scrawls, doodles and nonsense.

We were already past the turn and the board read: Ac-6c-6d-5d. The pot was already monstrous, and Philip Yeh, from Sweden, had put a bet of about 15,000 into it. Durrer, from Dusseldorf, was thinking. He was thinking hard. And then he said all-in, pushing his remaining 35,000 or so into the pot.

Massive pot goes to Michael Durrer

Yeh thought for a far shorter time and called. He had Durrer covered, but only just. However, he definitely had the better hand: his six-ten had made trips, while Durrer’s ace-ten was two pair.

That was until the river, when one of the two aces remaining in the deck popped out, to send gasps around the rail and leave Philip punching the table and cursing his ill fortune.

Durrer, however, was smiling. His story is only just beginning.

* * * * *

Another chip lead dwindles

No sooner had the previous post found its way onto PokerStars blog, than Gunnar Rabe, its principal subject, was confirming its content. Chip leaders have really struggled here in Baden, suffering huge hits the minute they seem to accumulate a huge stack.

So it was again for Rabe, the PokerStars qualifier from Sweden. He ended up losing a pot of around 50,000 to fellow Swede and fellow PokerStars qualifier, David Sonelin. Rabe had 5-5, Sonelin A-K and it all went in on a board of 9d-9c-Kc.

There was no miracle five on turn or river and Gunnar was down to about 100,000. Sonelin, meanwhile, is up to about 60,000.


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