EPT Baden: Bubble bursts

October 09, 2007

There are a few subjects in these poker tournaments that always make good blog posts: the introduction, the shots of the town, the first eliminations, the Team PokerStars pros’ progress, and, perhaps best of all, the bubble.

That paragraph of filler above is perhaps the best indication that this tournament was different. Before we even got a chance to hype the fact that they were playing hand-for-hand and that the next man out goes home with nothing, he’d been busted and was already on his way. Two and a half days and nothing to show for it. Tough beat.

The man in question this time was Heimo Kraner, from Austria. He moved all in pre-flop with an ace-queen and was called in two spots: Age Spets and chip-leader David Sonelin. The flop was ace-high, pretty good for Kraner, but Spets and Sonelin checked it all the way down and an eight fell on the river. Sonelin bet, Spets folded ace-queen face up, and Sonelin showed pocket eights for the rivered set.

Kraner is gone, we’re down to 24, and everyone is getting paid.

David Sonelin with the chip lead


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