EPT Baden: Day three starts, ends for RaiNKhan

October 09, 2007

Day three begins, and day three is over for RaiNKhan. He pushed his short stack in when it was passed to him two off the button.

Manfred Hammer, in the big blind, called immediately and it looked for all the world like a big hand. It was. It was aces.

RaiNKhan flipped Kh-8d and flopped an eight. But there was no more help and Hammer’s aces held up. The final Team PokerStars Pro fell at the first today.

Meanwhile, a similar scenario was being played out on the featured table. Carlo di Renzo, of Italy, ran into Alan Smurfit’s aces and that was that mark two.

Incidentally, we began today with about half an hour remaining of level 13, where blinds are 1,000-2,000 with an ante of 200.


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