EPT Baden: dinner break

October 08, 2007

As the players prepare for the dinner break, there are a couple of eliminations to report. First, Mads Anderson, EPT Copenhagen winner during season two, perished at the hands of Age Spets, king-queen unable to overtake ace-queen.

Then PokerStars qualifier Matt Tyler accounted for Paul Testud. This time Tyler’s queen-jack was able to outdraw Testud’s ace-eight. Both players had fairly short stacks and were pretty much obliged to make the all in play.

Also playing all-in poker is Katja Thater, the Team PokerStars Pro. She’s been nursing a short stack for some time, and is just abot managing to pick up a few blinds and antes by shoving it in. It’ll be double up or out very soon.

Katja Thater: waiting for a double up

So, there are 65 players remaining going to the break. The average stack is about 38,000 and they’ll be playing level ten on their return.


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