EPT Baden: three tables

October 10, 2007

It’s been very slow going since the dinner break, with all 21 players who sampled the fine cuisine here still remaining in the tournament.

David Sonelin, the PokerStars qualifier from Sweden, is still out front, and has now been moved to the featured table. For anyone unaware, you can watch that table on a live webcast by clicking HERE.

The complete list of remaining players is as follows:

Featured table:

Age Spets (Norway)
Vladimir Poleshchuk (Russia)
Hans Eskilsson (Sweden)
Thierry van den Berg (Holland) – PokerStars qualifier
David Sonelin (Sweden) – PokerStars qualifier
Peter Gould (England)
Victor Goossens (Holland)

Table 1:

Denes Kalo (Hungary)
Alan Smurfit (Ireland)
Kalil Rahal (France)
Manfred Hammer (Germany)
Sebastian Ruthenberg (Germany) – PokerStars player
Julian Thew (England)
Gunnar Rabe (Sweden) – PokerStars qualifier

Table 2:

Anton Allemann (Switzerland)
Hector Fuentes (Spain)
Pascal Perrault (France)
Ted Lawson (USA)
Michael Durrer (Germany) – PokerStars qualifier
Alexander Kravchenko (Russia)
Thomas Fuller (USA)

While we wait for the inevitable fireworks to spark that will result in the field thinning to the required eight by the end of the day, why not enjoy some day three photography, courtesyof Neil Stoddart, PokerStars’ photographer for the EPT.

Sebastian Ruthenberg, left, and Julian Thew discuss who should have called Gunnar Rabe’s all in. Thew called with ace-ten and lost to Rabe’s ace-jack

Pascal Perrault: the last remaining former EPT champion in the field

Age Spets, through a looking glass (or something)

Barry Greenstein drops into the EPT Live commentary booth. Follow the link at the top of the page to watch the live webcast

Hans Eskilsson: former football player in the money

It’s all happening in there


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