EPT Barcelona: An overview, a video, a picture

September 05, 2009


Today has been a tough one on the EPT, and none of us is even playing. The diversity, interest and quality of the players in today’s 271-strong field has made this a relentless, blurry bombardment of hands, chip counts, eliminations and double ups, and we’re not even at the dinner break yet.

Tournament staff are currently working out the prize structure now that all the registrations are done and dusted. The final number for today was 271, added to yesterday’s 217, and that makes, hold on, 488 players. Someone with better maths skills is now figuring out how much the top 10% will now be paid.

While that happens, take a look at our latest video blog, giving you a full overview of the day1b action.

Watch EPT BARCELONA S6: Once More With Feeling on PokerStars.tv

And here, for the purposes of hitting our remit of at least one picture in every post, is a picture. It shows Noah Boeken’s shoulder. I hope you like it.


Noah Boeken’s shoulder. Today.


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